Spyder-charge your Summer Adventure



spyder contestHot! I could not blame you if that’s the first word you will think of summer. Scorching heat, bright sunshine, girls in bikinis and all the sweat glands activated.

Yes , I am talking about hot, hot, sizzling summer, the heat of summer sunshine.

March marks the start of the most awaited season for everyone. Summer means many different things to different people. No classes for students. We all like that aren’t we? For busy working people , one must need a break. Come on , enough with overtime . Take a break and have a life this summer.
” Summer is kind of like the ultimate one night stand , hot as hell, totally thrilling and gone before you know it – Cosmopolitan”

I will make sure my summer will end with a blast!

So aside from checking and updating social networking sites , One must come up with plans to make your summer the best and memorable one. Well , if you are a laid-back person, starting off with a tour of Old Town with Carlos Celdran wont be bad at all. You can join him with his walking tours of Intramuros and some of the old district in Manila. Get acquainted with some of the historical places of Manila. The famous Rizal Park, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and a lot more. Take a Calesa ride, rent a motorbike and rediscover Manila and nearby cities. Riding a motorbike is not just a sport, but it is the best way to rediscover places. Or you can take time to know our roots and tradition inside a museum.
City life can be very stressful which can become so boring at times . And what else do you encounter aside from the pollution and heavy traffic? A massive number of crowd in the metropolis. So pack your bag and prepare for a beach getaway. For some people, everything about the ocean is truly a breath of fresh air. Its sand and appearance will certainly give you a sense of solitude and freedom. There are many beaches you can explore in the Philippines . You can have time with your family and friends building white sand castles or collect some sea shells along the shore.

SPYDER SUMMER ADVENTURESome people choose beaches as their usual getaway in the country during summer. While the others prefer an extreme activities. Extreme Adventure may sound like a complete fun. Pursuing challenging adventures like running , biking and climbing and a lot more will surely keep your summer alive. So better find a great pair of shoes this season. And inspite of the quality of the shoes available in the market, it is always the best to properly protect your feet against possible injuries. Not all shoes are created equal. It all depends on what you specifically looking for and what you are more than willing to invest. It ranges from a simple shoes to the most advanced.

These kind of action packed outdoor activities are the things that most people would like to be engaged into. At the same time, it’s also an opportunity for us to capture the beauty of our country.

So wherever you are. Whether you are on a trip somewhere, at the beach, hopping on an island, riding a mountain bike and climbing up mountains, it’s always the best to wear your spyder sunglasses with adequate UV protection. This will not only help our eyes from ultraviolet rays but will always make us look nice when we pose through a camera with a popular hot spot as a backdrop. I promised myself to invest on travel and outdoor gears. And I am making myself acquainted with some of the outdoor accessories courtesy of spyder. Check out their catalogue for more information.

I really hope that you have a great adventure this summer. Don’t forget to take photos and blog about your experience. Engage yourself in these meaningful activities because it will help you expand your horizon and enable you to understand that life is so good.

Join me and Spyder on an extreme adventure this summer. Spyder-charge your Summer Adventure is an entry to Spyder-charge your summer blogging contest.

So , are you in heat?

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