Style With a Purpose: LoveHopeFaith Group Introduces LifeSaver Watch 4.0

Cancer is something that has affected most of us in one way or another. To everyone that lost someone you love because of cancer, I send my prayers to you all. Lately I’ve heard someone that close to my family died because of cancer. It really hurts my heart a lot and sending prayers is a small act that we can do.


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Love Hope Faith (LHF) is a Filipino organization whose main mission was to help in the support of cancer patients. LHF is all about caring, equality and unity, and it has always worked hard to allow these goals to flourish.

Since being founded, LHF grew considerably and while doing so it has also managed to help many patients who suffer from cancer. This is because half of the proceeds that the organization makes from selling watches, are donated for the purpose of assisting cancer patients in their care and medication needs. Over the years LHF also began to help other communities and beneficiaries.

The products sold by LHF are very competitively priced, thus encouraging buyers to purchase them. The affordable prices coupled up with the possibility of helping people in need, surely helped to increase the demand for LHF’s watches.

Apart from this, LHF’s watches come in different styles and colors, so that you can rest assured that there will be one that will suit your preferences. There are neutral colors such as black, brown, grey and white, and more vibrant colors such as pink, purple, red and turquoise for the more adventurous ones. The watches are nicely made, with good quality materials, which will allow you to feel the watch resting lightly and comfortably on your wrist.

When buying a watch you will receive a letter with more information on how you were giving a hand in saving a life, with the purchase that you made.

The best-selling watch is named Life Saver, now on its version 4.0 and it has indeed helped to save several lives. Its name is inscribed on its face, and its style is both trendy and elegant. There are various colors to choose from, and with its timeless style it will surely appeal to both genders and various ages. No wonder Life Saver is the most popular watch from LHF’s range.

Apart from Life Saver, there are other watches in different versions to choose from too, and with an average price of just ₱300.00, I am sure you agree that these watches are just great. There is no better feeling than to support those in need. And when buying these watches you will be doing this while also enjoying a nice watch to wear. These watches make for really great gift ideas too. And, every time you look at the watch to check the time, you will be reminded that this was something very much worthwhile since when you bought it you helped someone too. Visit their social media accounts for additional information or visit their website at to shop.

I support LoveHopeFaith Group’s advocacy in providing care and assistance for cancer patients. Buy a watch and you too, can save a life!

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