This summer, my thoughts always turns to a little bit of fashion. Believe me, I am not going to turn this travel blog into a pseudo fashion blog. I am not the best person to talk about wearing a skimpy outfits, wearing thongs or bikini briefs this summer. But seriously I am falling into fashion recently.

Beautiful weather creates a more relaxed feeling  which also gives us  the liberty to use our imagination about dress codes that lean towards genuine comfort and summer ambiance.  Of course, I am not just talking about fashion because I have lots of travel advices this time because this year opens new destinations for me, new opportunities and new friends and new love? That must be a tricky idea. Hahaha.

Last week I embarked on a trip in an island off the South Eastern Coast of Cebu. I was told it was romantic there and it has a magic on its own hence it is even more beautiful when you share it with everyone you really love. The gentle breeze and the water peacefully lapping at your own feet and the sun kissed sand has been disturbed only by you. They say its famous for their exclusive seclusion and simple beauty, all gorgeous ingredients to make your holiday unforgettable.  And for our getaway? We were already in that beautiful place at that moment. Whether swimming with the whale sharks around Oslob, or swinging in your hammock on the verandah of your special villa, ROMANCE is absolute.

Locals say the island was named from being a storm shelter for locals and fishermen, where they can protect themselves – sumilong – from rain and thunder storms.

And a chance encounter came true last week, together with two of my beautiful friends.


Here is a glimpse of our #SUMMER SOLSTICE at The Bluewater Sumilon Island

Arriving at the Dumaguete Airport at exactly 2:45 I immediately took a passenger tricycle that will bring me to Sibulan port (travel time less than 10 minutes | Php150). Then from Sibulan port to Liloan port (ferry at Php50 and pump boat at Php35) I chose the pump boat because I had no choice, the ferry was scheduled to sail an hour later. Kuya Raul, our driver at Bluewater Sumilon was waiting for me at the Liloan port.


My 30 minute incredible boat ride journey began from the moment the boat started sailing. I hate to say this but I was not mentally and physically  prepared to ride the wave and navigate the treacherous tides surrounding the island. We were only less than 15 passengers in a small pump boat and yet I was so thrilled and amazed to be able to share the beautiful moments of getting there with you folks. I am still ecstatic believe me. Riding the wave was so surreal I’d imagined it to be and more. Sure I need to think about the next challenge.


I was at the Liloan port at last where Kuya Raul waited for a couple of minutes. The white van was waiting for us there to take us to my home away from home. The drive down to the Bluewater Sumilon was an experience in itself and to me even I was obviously tired it was everything I had imagined it to be. The scary boat ride out to the wave was perfect.  Everything about the Sumilon trip was fantastic and I just knew it was going to be an unforgettable weekend getaway.


The small banca (motorized boat) picks you up at the Puerto Sumilon port.


A nice and comfortable 15-minute boat ride takes you to the private island.

Pampering ourselves is just part of our plan. Imagine yourself sleeping comfortably in heavenly bed. Be sure to schedule an indulgences at their in-house spa. I could not wait to lounge around Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort’s outdoor infinity pool and enjoy the best of Sumilon.


The sun was about to fade and my body wanted a comfortable bed, but in a dreamy place like  Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, I was eager to maximize my time thinking about productivity. Room 16 where B and M waited for me and the room was kind of like messed up a little bit as if I did not have a clue [ they’re done shooting every corners of our room] . Our room is just one of the 14 spacious Deluxe rooms with private verandah. OMG. It was not easy to forget that soon I was going to leave this place.


It was our first night at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. We found ourselves at the Island Pavilion which houses the resort restaurant serving various dishes both local and international cuisine. The Pavilion house is a high octagonal nipa and an open air construction giving us the feel of island living. It boasts a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and the mainland Cebu.


And because it was Friday night we thought drinking a couple of beers at night would encourage us to wake up the next morning. “I think all of us know we were a little drunk last night.” except for B who was busy with work all the time. Kudos to you my friend!


Almost 9’oclock we headed back to the Pavilion house for hearty breakfast. We’ve all got highs and lows throughout the whole day—a boost of …  protein-rich breakfast.


The Sumilon sandbar is highly noted for its changing and shifting patterns depending on the time of year. This spot right here is my personal favorite part of the island is the shifting White Sand Bar Beach where you can swim, snorkel and have a picnic with your special someone.

The highlight of our second day was the whale shark interaction. During whale shark interactions, you will go out on a small boat with assigned guide.  Whale sharks are wild so are never guaranteed, but trust me in Oslob is as guaranteed as you are going to get!


The sightings of whales in Oslob is way different than in Donsol, Sorsogon. Unlike in Donsol, local fishermen have been retrained as guides and spotters and will find you whale sharks. The moment whale sharks are spotted, you must be ready yourself with mask, snorkel and fins then the boat will reposition itself so you have time to jump in the water before the shark reaches you. In Oslob, it was entirely different.

BLUEWATER SUMILON WHALESHARK INTERACTIONWe arrived at Tan-awan in Oslob headed to the orientation lobby which is necessary for tourists like us. The code of conducts during the  whale sharks interaction in Cebu.

A number of tourists were already at the area and only a few meters away from the shore, we could already see the visibility of whale sharks appearing one by one. The Whale Sharks swim from surface to mid-water and with their size, they are surely hard to miss.


These whale shark sightings in Oslob have been around for quite awhile. I was told these gentle giants used to be their problem which causes trouble and damage to their livelihood. There’s about 6-8 of them in their area and watching them swimming around is incredible. It feels ultimately surreal to witness the bond between these gentle creatures and the fishermen which was too obvious with the way they build connections with each other. It was an unforgettable experience and I’m thrilled to have done it this year.


Today, local officials are working on implementing policies to protect these whale sharks as it is seriously gaining more popularity both local and abroad. Now a major destination in Cebu with all the media attention it’s getting.


After 30 minutes of whale shark interaction the group is now ready for the whole day of sun bathing. Who would not want to spoil themselves in a whole day with special activity like swimming in the turquoise waters and relaxing with your favorite book in shaded sunbeds.


Sometimes, when you are in an island, whatever you do becomes a perfect luxury.

Explore the charm of the island living at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, offering the most exclusive spot at the beach. Spend the whole day in the first row of sunbeds fronting the sea – just  footsteps away from pristine water.


There’s an entirely different world out there. Seems a little different than my world. I started imagining this whole different world. Morning, noon and night time I still think of you. For a moment, I just thought I was living in a dream. The sun. The sand and the beach. Beautiful. Sunny. Unique and welcoming Sumilon.


An inviting infinity pool overlooking Oslob welcomes you to take the plunge…


Bubble bath in swimming pool? I was thinking about filling the pool with bubbles. Might be a crazy and stupid idea. Hahaha.

Food at the Bluewater Sumilon Island resort are divine! For additional pleasure find your perfect spot around the outdoor swimming pool which is open daily. Hide from the sun in their gazebos with your pig out food, cocktail and favorite internet-device using all benefits of Wi-Fi network, or relax under the sunlight for the final touch on your perfect tan. I achieved my perfect golden tan of course.


A lagoon with thick forest mangroves, a lighthouse of historical significance, enchanting caves, a pristine lake and some of the country’s best diving points are among the island’s several places of interest.


Activities include bird watching, beach picnics with the family, fishing, hiking, island tours, paddling and trekking.The Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, the only resort in the island, provides world class comfort and accommodations for tourists.


A big part of the Sumilon island is still waiting to be developed. Another interesting activity would be a nice and sweet 40-60 minute trek around the lush forest and cliff-side views of the private island.


Explore the walking trail. The walking trail deserves a separate blog post which is coming very soon because the trail is just way too extra-ordinary for me.


When you’re up there, you get to appreciate a panoramic view of the natural lagoon and the white beach. This little island has its special character on its own- there’s no Starbucks, no malls, no Mcdonalds. So stunning! This is absolutely an incomparably romantic setting for your sweet summer adventure.


Take time for yourselves to savor those intimates with nature. Snorkel with the exotic under the sea creature and wildlife with your special someone. Discover the best of an island. I am talking about an endless activities to explore. No stress. No pressure. Nothing to do but indulge your impulse.


Glamping is a luxury form of camping which also available in their package. A glamp discovery package which is ideal for small families and couples an overnight glamping tent accommodation for two adults and one child. Meanwhile Glamp Excursion package is ideal for larger groups good for wildlife interest groups such as scuba divers and outdoor enthusiasts. On the other hand glamp nature combo package is ideal for guests who dig a resort style accommodation glamping. This is good for families whose parents want to stay in a resort room and provide their kids with a unique outdoor experience.


If exploring the island is your idea of a perfect getaway, then Bluewater Sumilon Island resort is your ultimate playground this summer. Enjoy the island life like we did.

Because we love Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, we had to extend an additional night. Inuman na!



I knew it was love at first sight. Nature, luxury and perfection these are the words to describe Sumilon Island. A perfect balance of exoticism and beauty combines with excellent harmonious setting for an unforgettable getaway.


Full-Board Accommodation Package starts at P15,000 net per night.

SINGLE – Php 25,000 nett per person | Extra night with breakfast- Php4500 nett|room|night

TWIN SHARING- Php 17,000 nett per person | Extra night with breakfast- Php5000 nett|room|night

TRIPLE SHARING – Php 15,000 nett per person | Extra night with breakfast- Php6000 nett|room|night

Day Trip Packages are also available

*Full board meals |breakfast, lunch and dinner

*Boat transfers (Bancogon – Sumilon – Bancogon)

*Welcome Island drinks and Island bag

*Free flowing iced tea during meal time and afternoon tea

*Choice of an hour massage or introductory dive

*Free use of swimming facilities

*Roundtrip transfers | Mactan | Dumaguete Airport- Sumilon & Vice versa

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a personal trip hosted by Bluewater Sumilon Island Resorts. Thanks to my travel buddies Marx & Brenna who joined me in my early summer adventure in 2104. Whale shark photo is courtesy of Brenna of Philippine Travelogue.

Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu Philippines 6025
Mobile: +63917 631-7514, +63 917 631-7512

Book at Bluewater Sumilon: Click here

Manila Office:
Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower Rufino cor. Valero Sts. Salcedo Village,  Makati City
Telephone: +632 817-5751 / 887-1348

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