When I was a kid, I asked my mother what will I be . Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?
This was she said to me” Que sera sera what ever will be , will be our future’s not ours to see. Que sera sera”.

Then I started humming this song over and over again…

Last night , I saw a beautiful full moon. It was really fascinating. I really don’t understand but when I was a little kid , I have always been  amazed with its natural beauty. It looks beautiful and incredible to me. ( Sinasaniban mode) .

Before I go to bed , I make sure I get to see the sky and look as if the moon is always around. I always want to see the moon outside of my window. If the moon shows up , I stare at it for a few minutes or even hours . Then I would imagine myself  looking at those dark blue clouds wrapped in a gorgeous halo. whoa , it’s really beautiful.Then my night becomes nostalgic. When I look at the sky, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia. #emo mode.


I was a kid back then when I once asked my mother when would I ever touch or reach the moon. It was following me wherever we went. Then she was laughing at me and explained how special I was to her. I did not really get the answer that I wanted so I ignored it. Then the following night, I went outside of the house to confirm it. It was unbelievable.I was really amazed to learn and find out that the moon was really following me . It would stop whenever I stopped . It was crazy and I began to think that  I was really special like my mother told me.

I was on my second grade when my mother left the country to work as a teacher overseas. I cried hard to see my mother leaving. I questioned myself why in the world she did that . I thought, I heard she said I was special. It took years to finally be able to realize why she had to leave us and seek for a greener Pasteur outside of the country.

Until now , the feeling of craziness is still there whenever I look at the moon wrapped with shining stars. It’s still following me. On a bus going back home, it was always following me. It’s always there guiding me wherever I go.

Things changed when I got older. I then realized  the moon out there followed all kids around. The moon was following everyone around which gave me an impression that I was not that special. I felt I was a complete idiot  when my friends told me the same things I was feeling whenever I see the moon.

Now that I have grown up, I still enjoy staring at the moon at night. Recently, I had a memorable trip to Baguio City. Inside a bus from Manila to the city of Pines I waited for the moon to come out. And I was really glad the moon showed up. I was staring at it, held my hands open a little bit facing each others palms, then I remembered mama. Then afterwards, I felt some sort of energy. An unexplained energy which was running through me. I just really could not explain how I felt that time but one thing is for sure I noticed no-one would either look at me in my face or sit beside me while I was doing that. Maybe they thought I was going crazy .

Tonight, I will finally see the supermoon. It’s the biggest and the brightest full moon of the year brightening up in the sky . Then I wonder about how it might look like in other places or in other countries. I could imagine myself at the peak of a mountain of Pundaquit or at the beach of Calaguas, Burot , Nagsasa, Bantayan or Malapascua staring at the beautiful full moon. I can imagine how fascinating it could be in those beautiful places.

I have traveled to so many places alone. But next time , I will let my mother join me in one of  my trips somewhere. I am so glad that the Lord has given us time to become closer. I guess that is what’s important in our lives. To become closer with God and family. My father died when I was still a baby so I did not know exactly  how it feels like to have  a father. I never had the chance to tell him how much I love him . Life is really hard but hard times can really make you a better person. If you still have your mother with you, hug her and don’t forget to say how much you love her .

Happy Mother’s day Mama. You are my super moon.

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