Taal Lake Aqua Park: The Largest Inflatable Water Park in The Philippines!

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park is surely an innovative experience to check out this summer. This is an inflatable Aqua park over the ocean.

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So unlike traditional water parks it is not a swimming pool, and so it will provide visitors and guests with a different kind of high and much more interesting ocean experiences plus you get to appreciate the view of Taal in Batangas.

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It is located in Talisay Batangas, and it is the biggest inflatable AQUA park and floating playground (about 3000 square meters) you will find in the Philippines. This is equal to roughly over ten basketball courts to give you an idea of how expansive it is going to be!

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Over this area one will be able to find a nice variety of activities, including water slides, trampolines, human launcher, swings, crazy ramps, walkway ladders to mention just a few.

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Photo credit: Jinkee Umali/livelifefullest.com

Also the good news is it will be available all-year-round, not just this DRY SEASON. Hey it’s conveniently located in Talisay Batangas and with a gorgeous view of the Taal lake, So good to return to this place. A stunning place that is hard not to fall in love with.

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There are thus classic playground features but in a rather slippery and aquatic version. Two of the most interesting activities are going to be the Giant slide which is roughly 40 feet high, and the human launcher.

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Being the biggest inflatable water park, Club Balai Isabel’s Aqua Park is surely a must go to if you love water activities and want to experience something different and fresh this dry season. It is going to be a hit with young and young at heart for sure!

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Php 990/ head – Use of facilities including pools, basketball and tennis courts, billiard center, and Aqua Park ticket which is good for 1 hour.
Php1,850/ head – This include lunch and snacks, and use of facilities like swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, billiard center, and Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park ticket good for 1 hour.
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Check-in Guests

Php 1,250 – 4 Aqua Park tickets good for 1 hour
Php450 – Aqua Park ticket good for 1 hour

So what are you waiting for! Be the first to experience Club Balai Isabel Aquapark with a glimpse of Taal Volcano up close and personal in a relaxing nature’s environment.

Club Balai Isabel
Address: Fairways Drive, Talisay, Batangas
Phone:(02) 895 7230

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