There are so many things to like about Batad. Batad is just a small distant village sitting in the heart of rice terraces between dazzling lush green rolling mountains. It’s pretty much been the same for centuries and the main source of income is still rice planting. In addition to gorgeous rice terraces and a little quaint village environment, the small town of Batad also boasts a natural wonder which is hidden behind the painted earth colors of the rice terraces.


I was really hesitant to begin with but with the support of the group I then eventually convinced myself to go for it. It is a memorable hike until one can reach the waterfalls. I was silently moaning until we reached the Tappiyah falls At first I thought I was looking at the Ditumabo Falls in Aurora and Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada. I was not taking note of the time, but one thing is for sure I really felt so tired. I felt so good after two hours of walking under the sun. But the feeling of exhaustion suddenly disappeared when we saw the waterfalls. We have been warned not to leave the sides of the pool under the waterfall because there is a strong current back to the waterfall and swimming under means danger so we have made a decision to stay at the side.

TAPPIYAH FALLS, BATADThe waterfall stands 30 meters high and the waterfalls in Batad certainly did not disappoint me. After dipping ourselves in the cold water for an hour, we decided to go back for lunch. It seemed as if my whole body was singing in the music of pain. Believe me, I was actually cursing myself and starting to seriously ask myself as to why in the hell I embarked on this trip. I was hoping to cure some of the things that I had inflicted on myself.



From the saddle point, it takes approximately an hour or two depending on your pace to get to Batad village. Now from the village, it takes another hour of walking/ trekking to reach the gorgeous Tappiyah Falls. For adventurous backpackers alike this paradise is perfect for you. Getting a local guide is highly recommended. If you think you have what it takes to explore the journey to Tappiyah Falls then go for it. It feels ultimately great to get lost in the ocean of new experiences.

Honestly, I have never been so tired in my life but the feeling of reaching the destination makes me feel so proud. We will never be able to conquer the mountains of Batad but we will certainly be able to conquer our fear.



Hire a local guide.
Wear comfortable shoes, Pack light and travel happy.
Bring snacks and drinks during the trek.
Take a picture and share the experience.

Pragmatically speaking, we can never conquer nature in general. Philosophically, it can apply to a number of things. I described it like a handicapped person attempting to overcome his fear. And maybe the more we take part in the laps of mother nature, the more we learn about us from her…

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Thanks to my newly found friends Joy, Jess, Edge and Ron who I met during our BATAD weekend adventure. A big thanks to TRAILADVENTOURS team and its organizing committee for inviting Wanderlust on the Road together with Elal of The Shades of Grey. My special thanks to travel coordinators; Darren and Niel for being so cool and kind all the time. In Trail Adventours your destination is not just an adventure, it supports local guides, communities and waste-projects.

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