Admittedly, it only takes a day or two to really discover and appreciate a fantastic destinations that is worth documenting. A prompt visit to the province of Tarlac brings the excitement and liberating experience to everyone who visits Tarlac. To sum up the over all experience- it was absolutely overwhelming!

Tarlac which is situated at the heart of Luzon’s central plains, the city of Tarlac is tied on the northern part of Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija on the east side, Pampanga on the southern part and Zambales on the west side. Today, Tarlac City is fast becoming the center of a bustling economy and classified as the first class city in terms of income generation.

My visit to the province of Tarlac was also marked by gastronomic delights. We were spoiled and served a feast and I am talking about several local dishes and a lot more delightful food choices. Eating was not just a typical activity as our group went on kayaking, trekking, biking and so much more.

The AQUINO Center

The Museum houses the memorabilia of two prominent Filipinos: Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino and President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. The museum records the factual history, their fight to restore democracy and the most powerful “People Power Revolution that inspired the world.

The Aquino Center is located at the Luisita Industrial Park Road, San Miguel, Tarlac. For inquiries and reservations, please contact Ms. Karen Lacsamana- Carrera, Aquino Center Manager.

Landline 632-892-5360 | Email: aquinocenter@ncaf.ph


VES Food Resorts & Villas

VES started as a small food house which opened doors to the public on the 5th of January, 1994 since then it became the talk of the town when they started serving authentic Filipino cuisine, elegant yet very affordable catering services.

For inquiries: 09175486247 | 045-4910551


Through the years, VES has expanded from catering services to venturing into weddings, special occasions and corporate events.


VES has six dining areas: the Dining hall, Ed’s pavilion, Eivee’s garden, MJS garden, VES hall and VES mini Hall. [Photo below] Ostrich is just one of the authentic dishes being served here.


San Sebastian Cathedral

The church is known as the site of the Revolutionary Congress in the late 1800’s.  It is also served as the highest Filipino seat of learning when the Literacio Scientifico Universidad of Malolos Bulacan was transferred to Tarlac on March 31, 1889.

Tarlac Plazuela

Plazuela is located just in front of the City Hall of Tarlac and has shaded benches. It has its own facilities suite for sports enthusiasts  who intend to play basketball, volleyball and skating.

F. Tanedo Street

Did you know that this street is considered as Tarlac’s Edsa? The street owes its name to Gen. Francisco Tanedo, a Tarlaqueno, lieutenant for the colonial government in 1889 and a Katipunero and co founder of the first Masonic Lodge in Tarlac.


Cindy’s is a place to be! This is a Chinoy owned food chain. It is also known for baking its own bread loaves, pastry products and delicious treats.

The Aquino House

Tarlac is the home province of the former Philippines President Corazon Aquino, current President Noynoy Aquino and the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino whose assassination at the Manila International Airport in 1983 which started the nationwide protest against the Marcos dictatorship that led to the famous EDSA revolution in 1986.



URDU was established in 1965 by business partners James L Urquico and Renato Dungca- both Tarlaquenos. It was named from the first two letters of the original owners family names. It is known for its signature specialty which is their chicken barbecue. In 1992 they also engaged in bakeshop business and sooner became one of the favorite places of Tarlaqueno.


Cory Monument

The statues was made by Toym Imao who is a multi media visual artist. He is a sculptor, painter, writer and film-maker as well.

Ninoy Aquino Monument

The original monument that used to stand at the corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas in Makati City. It was transferred first at the Hacienda Luisita Park in San Miguel Tarlac. The monument now shows a seated Ninoy as against a Ninoy walking down a flight of stairs in the original, to depict the moments before he was assassinated which forced millions of people to join the EDSA revolution.


Capas Shrine

A memorial to the American & Filipino POW Soldier who died at Camp O’Donnell during World War II. The Capas National Shrine in Barangay Navy Capas, Tarlac in The Philippines was built by the Philippine government as a memorial to the Filipino and American soldiers who died at Camp O’Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March.

Macapinlac Cakehouse & Shoe Store

It was established in 1960’s and has also seen decades of years pass by in Tarlac and has continued to be one of the most favorite shops by Tarlaquenos where you can find the best and custom made shoes and at the same time boasts a selection of home-made cakes, chocolates and pastries.


[Photo Below] pastries up for grabs at Macapinlac Cakehouse.

tara quing tarlac | visit tarlac

KB King Burger

King Burger on the other hand is known for its very affordable burger sandwich. It is owned by the family of one of TCVB’s member James Mallari who is a full time Chef and owner of another restaurant in Tarlac named Primadeli. I recommend KB when you’re around.


Tarlac Provincial Capitol

Tarlac Provincial Capitol has its own historical significance which was built in 1906 and serves as the seat of the Tarlac Provincial Government.


Museo De Tarlac

The museum has extensive official documents from well-known revolutionary figures who hail from Tarlac including the winning entries from the annual Belen making competition.


Where to eat in Tarlac?

Here at Dampa sa Tarlac one can simply enjoy various seafoods selection which can be handpicked by you. We spent quite a few hours tasting all we could possibly try. I decided I would not eat a lot for dinner that night but I broke that promise. If you haven’t been to a Dampa sa Tarlac or haven’t eaten and tried the boodle fight, you owe it to yourself and you must give it a try.

Dampa sa Tarlac has a Catering Services, reservations for events like Weddings, Reunions, Birthdays, Debuts, Family gatherings, and so much more.


This was a great morning – absolutely has always been so good to wake up early in the morning. Breakfast was ready and sure everyone’s gonna have fun. Thanks to our host, Microtel Inn & Suites Luisita – Tarlac in the Philippines welcomes you to the world-famous brand of quality comfort to the province of Tarlac and incorporated it with the province’s rich history and scenic landscape.

I bet one can expect a relaxing night’s sleep with they’re very own chiropractor-approved beds which can be enjoyed in several room types that can certainly satisfy the needs of their customers.

Microtel Luisita Tarlac boasts with the following amenities:

• Chiropractor-approved mattresses
• Cable TV
• Individually Controlled air conditioning unit
• Toilet and shower with hot and cold water
• Electronic keycard entry
• Radio clock
• Fully automated fire safety system
• Baby crib available upon request
• Children 11 years old and below (maximum of 2)  are free of charge.


We need a different kind of high!

On our day 2 we spent half of the day at the JSJ Goat Farm. Very early in the morning, the staff of JSJ Goat Farm begins the first milking of the day. It takes less than five minutes to milk a goat using modern automated milking machines. Some of us even tried to milk these goats. Goat’s milk is believed to be next to mother’s milk in terms of nutritional value. It is less allergenic and has high percentage of calcium and protein. We tried almost everything including pastillas, kesong puti, milk and chocolate drinks.

For inquiries visit www.jsjfarm.com or contact 09282515888.


Tarlac Pilgrimage [Monasteryo De Tarlac]

A moment of self realization & contemplation- Spend time at the monastery during the day just for a moment of prayer and recollection. The monastery houses the relic of the real Cross. If you still have time visit significant churches; Saint Sebastian Cathedral in Tarlac, St. Michael  the Archangel Parish in San Miguel, Expiatory Chapel in Gerona, Our Lady of Peace Parish in La Paz, San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish in Capas and Sto Nino Parish in Bamban. Now that’s gonna complete your Visita Iglesia right? These churches are all in the City of Tarlac.


Tarlac Recreational Park

Tarlac Recreational Park  is a 78 hectare sports and recreational park and considered as an ultimate haven for adventure enthusiasts. It has its own track oval of international standard two football field, two basketball courts, volleyball, swimming pool, ATV and dune buggy, hipline, camping and race track.

Primadeli Tarlac

Primadeli is an Italian restaurant and at night, it becomes a bar. They also serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. I would agree when my group mentioned that their dishes are simply cheaper than what we thought considering it’s an Italian restaurant. Needless to say service has not been compromised and their staff would always make you feel welcome and yes we felt and enjoyed what they prepared for us.

Primadeli is located near The Ripples Bldg., San Sebastian- Fairlane By-pass Rd.,Tarlac City.


Drive and Dine at the Kart City Tarlac

I could not imagine a Kart Track can be found in the heart of Tarlac. Seriously! As expected the experience was worth it. I did not have plans of racing in the circuit of Kart City until I tried. I got so hooked with it that I asked for one more try from their staff.  The rate is relatively cheap and I bet you’ll love the place too. I am not the best person to talk to about karting, but their track is an entertainment type of Karting. Perhaps you can drop-by this summer. So after those adrenaline rush, make sure you try their signature chicken barbecue and their best seller pizza. Better explore something up north, Tarlac City. Kart City in Tarlac Racing Circuit is just right in front of SM City Tarlac and opens from 3pm – 12mn.


Mount Pinatubo Trekking

Trekking to Pinatubo gives an individual a once in a life time experience to hike the picturesque Mount Pinatubo and view the turquoise waters of the volcanic Crater Lake. I have been to Mount Pinatubo multiple times nevertheless its untouched beauty never fails to fascinate me.VISIT TARLAC

[photo above] Posing with members of Pinoy Travel Bloggers from left to right. Lloyd, Xtian, Yaj and Ate Nats.


Indeed, it’s really more fun in the Philippines. I did not realize there are several destination spots specially in the province of Tarlac which are now gearing towards the development of an unexplored adventure destinations in the province. Tarlac is surely blessed with environmentally rich destinations waiting to be discovered.

Tara Quing Tarlac is initiated by Microtel Inn & Suites Tarlac. The objective of this familiarization tour is to bring tourists to some of the most adventure spots in the province. This is such a beautiful collaboration between Microtel Inn & Suites Tarlac and the local Tourism officials. The three day familiarization tour reintroduces exciting activities historical tour, heritage tour, trekking and a lot more.

So whether you’re searching for a quick escape from Manila you certainly can find Microtel Luisita as the perfect place to stay in Tarlac.

How to get to Microtel Luisita, Tarlac:

From Manila, Tarlac is roughly an hour and a half drive by private vehicle or by bus. One can take the North Luzon Expressway and exit at SCTEX tollgate. Turn right going to Tarlac. Exit at the Hacienda Luisita. Microtel is on the right side, after Luisita Industrial Park.

Microtel Luisita Tarlac
Luisita, San Miguel
Tarlac City, Philippines 2301
Tel 6345-9851770
Mobile 639277238454
For inquiries: tarlac@microtel.ph

Enjoy a great stay with the best hotel in Tarlac City, Philippines, on your countryside getaway at MICROTEL BY WYNDHAM – Luisita, Tarlac.

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