The purpose of this blog is  to simply promote the Philippines as a leisure haven introducing a new destination for everyone to explore and rediscover. I hope in my own little way,  I continue to inspire some people to travel more and explore the wonders of the 7107 islands of the Philippines. In line with this, I would like to introduce this month’s Travel Nuts, Mich Borlogan, the author of Find out why she loves traveling and exploring the world. I asked her some questions and here’s what she had to share.


Q – What kind of traveler are you?

Hmmm… To be honest, being called as a ‘traveler’ gives me goose bumps at times. Until now, I am not really that comfortable being tagged as such since I do not want people to expect that I am like a travel guru who knows everything about a place. (ssshhh… do you know that I don’t even have a sense of direction?!)I would just like to consider myself as someone who loves going to places not everyone is aware of. I don’t use maps, I love getting lost; basically, I am just someone who’s after the fun, the stories, and the memories.


Q – What Is It About Travel People Love?

There’s a lot, and it’s countless…

People love traveling for different reasons. Some may be weird, some may be shallow, some may be too unbelievable; but I think that’s one of the main lessons that people get from traveling. That is, to RESPECT. (And with traveling, or while traveling, yes, it comes automatically.)

Traveling gives one an opportunity to witness diversity in all aspects. It gives one a different and broader perspective in life. It changes how a person looks into things, one becomes more open and receptive on what’s happening. And that, for me, are the best things one could ever learn in life.


 Q – Tell me something about your travel blog?

Chasing Philippines is my photo and travel blog which I started way back in 2010. I came up with the idea of putting up a travel blog after my experiences in Cagbalete Island, Quezon. I just thought that for me, it was a “first”; something life-changing, I believe… an experience that I do not want to forget ever in my lifetime. I am aware for a fact that I can only accommodate like 8MB of memories, (yes, I have a hard time remembering things) so I decided to have it documented. I didn’t realize that others can read my blog and my travel rants until someone left a comment. And, the rest is history. =)

Q – Where is your next destination?

I am scheduled to leave for Ifugao next week. Three days after that Ifugao Trip, I am bound for Camarines Norte to visit my most favorite island, CALAGUAS. (spontaneous trips a.k.a. biglaang trips are not included)

Q – Do you have a favorite travel destination?

Baguio and Sabang, Palawan.

Why Baguio? As what I have mentioned in one of my blog posts, I think I left my heart in Baguio; that’s the place that I would always love to share with the special people in my life. There’s something different and romantic with it that draws me closer every time.

Why Sabang? I just feel that I am going to marry someone from Sabang 10 years from now.

Q – Three favorite travel blogs you visit?

No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’ by Chyng Reyes – I just really love how she writes, it’s very light and comic. Idol!

Journeying James by James Betia – hmmm… I’m kuripot, that’s it. (If you’re one of his fans and avid readers, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about)

Escape Islands by Dong Ho – this blog speaks of the famous saying, “Simplicity is Beauty.”. Dong Ho’s style of writing is very simple yet so fully loaded and oh, he takes good photos, too.
Q – What is the best thing about blogging?

(1)When all of a sudden, people you don’t know send you an email to tell you how you inspired them to go out and see places.
(2)Meeting people who have the same passion.

Q – The worst thing about blogging?

It takes a lot of one’s time – when blogging becomes one’s passion, the difficulty of finding time, I mean non-digital time for other stuff becomes one of the struggles.

Q – Where do you get your inspiration for your blog?

My travel experiences, stories, and lessons on the road keep on inspiring me. These are stories and information that worth remembering.
Q – Tips you can share for aspiring travel bloggers?

Travel blog because you love traveling not because it’s the fad. Just write and don’t be biased. Anyone can write, anyone can blog, but people can definitely read between the lines. They do know if TRAVEL really has a place in your heart.

Q – When will you stop traveling?

Chasing Philippines’ motto is “Work Hard. Travel Harder. Don’t Stop.”, I am not rich nor just working for myself. Budget would always be one of the factors that need to be considered when traveling. So if I want to travel, I need to work hard. By working hard, I can travel harder, and the cycle goes on. What I want to say is, there won’t be any excuses. I love to go places. I love to explore. Traveling is my life and I will never stop.

There are so many possibilities in this world. To those who are curious and want to maintain an adventurous spirit. Just continue what you have started and don’t stop dreaming and exploring. As long as there are roads to take on and a destination to rediscover. Please let me be part of your wonderful journey. See you on the road!

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