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The Asian Destinations

Asia is the largest continent in the world and it is no surprise that the countries in Asia are filled with exotic places, breathtaking views, delicious cuisine and numerous adventurous activities to do. Asia happens to be the perfect place to go on vacation and it is significantly cheaper to travel there compared to let’s say North America or Central Europe.


One might even go on to say that Asia is a travellers haven. With all that being said, listed below are some of the countries in Asia that one must visit when travelling.

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Thailand: Starting of our list of must visit countries in Asia is my personal favourite, Thailand. Everything you want in a perfect vacation can be found in the entire country of Thailand. It is almost like the vacation centre of Asia with tourists from all over the world flying in every summer. There are numerous hotels, resorts, guesthouses to stay in, all of them are quite cheap. The local Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world and the street food is delicious, to say the least.

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If you happen to be a person who enjoys the beaches during vacations then you can head over to Pattaya or Phuket where one can find numerous beaches. If you want peace and tranquillity away from the tourist then go to Hua Hin. But if you love the nightlife and happen to be a shopaholic then Bangkok is there for you. Activities such as snorkelling, deep sea diving, mountain climbing, parasailing are some of the things that can be done in Thailand. It is truly one of those places where you would want to go on vacation every year.

Singapore: If Thailand seems like a bit too touristy for you then you can always head to somewhere a bit more sophisticated, like Singapore. This particular country is the perfect mix of greenery and skyscrapers. While many people will claim that Singapore is more suitable for business travels and not for vacation, one might fall in love with the way the locals treat foreign people.

The public transport in Singapore is one of the very best and travelling inside the city is as simple as traveling to the city – requires very little effort. The nightlife in Singapore is pretty great too with a number of great bars and clubs. The food in Singapore is a mix of all the Asian cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, Malay and so on.

Indonesia: In my last summer trip I was fortunate enough to visit Indonesia. It is another one of those perfect vacation spots. Bali remains the biggest tourist attraction of Indonesia with a countless number of tourists filling up the cities. There are a great number of beaches in Bali which showcase a stunning mix of emerald green and royal blue ocean waters complimented by the white sand beaches.

A great number of temples exists in Bali which is sure to take you back in time as you explore the fantastic architecture of the times gone by. However, my personal favourite was the long trip to Mount Batur. It’s an active volcano which has somewhat become a tourist spot. You will be taken to the top of the mountains from where you can have lunch overlooking the great volcano.

While I did not like the local food very much, the people living there are quite friendly. If budget is not an issue then you could try out renting a villa all for yourself for the entire duration of your visit. Villas are relatively cheaper than other countries but are extremely beautiful nevertheless.

Japan: Tokyo, Japan should be one of those places that should be on everyone’s must-visit lists. To describe the city and the country itself in one word would be “animated”. Everything about this place seems to be on the move. One of the most developed countries in the world, visiting Japan would make you feel like as if you moved into the future. Japan vacation packages are aplenty and cater to all kinds of different adventures you might think of.

There are robots working in certain places, the country has anime all over the street, the people are all tech savvy and have some sort of technology occupying them. But despite the busy nature of the country, Japan does have a lot to offer to their tourists. There are countless historic places in this great nation. Numerous museums are open to the public which have detailed description from the times of Samurai, to the WWII to modern day innovations.

If you are a sushi lover then this is the perfect place for you with a whole variety of sushi available almost everywhere. Japan is quite pricey to travel to but if budget isn’t an issue for you then you should make plans to visit Japan because it’s one of those experiences that are sure to last a lifetime.

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There are a number of great countries in Asia and all of them deserve a mention as all of them are worth visiting. However, from a personal experience, places such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia are some of the places one should not skip out on in life. They are amazing and should help you make memories for a lifetime.

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