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The Best Resorts In The Philippines

A lot of people travel to the Philippines or nature, and it’s easy to understand why. The country is speckled with many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and sitting and gazing at the water can be about as thrilling an activity as you’ll find. It’s an amazing place to be, visually speaking. And because the Philippines have become such a popular travel destination, they’re now also home to a collection of outstanding resorts. If you’re interested in a little more luxury, rather than a remote beachside accommodation, here are some of the places to keep in mind.

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Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa

Located in Palawan and facing the South China Sea, the Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa is a remote and spectacular place to visit. It stands out in that, while there are a lot of equally impressive Philippines resorts, you can reasonably book a room at this particular venue for under $90 under the right circumstances.

The Sheridan is built less like a towering resort you might find in other parts of South East Asia, and more as a low but luxurious spread of buildings. It has all of the beauty, comfort, and amenities you’d expect of the region, and prides itself on a natural approach. The resort is situated just steps from a gorgeous beach, and it’s surrounded by lush vegetation. The added bonus for a lot of visitors is that you can book a tour of the Puerto Princesa underground river from the resort, which is one of the more stunning activities you can enjoy in the Philippines.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino

If you’re looking for a more traditional resort reminiscent of the western world, the Waterfront at Cebu City is definitely worth considering. It’s a larger venue than the Sheridan, and in ways seems like a slightly miniaturized and specialized version of a Las Vegas casino resort.

That means loads of fine dining options, spacious rooms and suites, shows on site, and tons pools and lounges that invite you to relax. Compared to the Sheridan, it’s a bit lighter on beauty and heavier on entertainment. Maybe most exciting of all, it might just house the best casino remaining in the Philippines. Casinos largely exist online these, and as more and more options come to the market, players can find just about anything they want through mobile devices or desktop browsers. Even so, you can still find some wonderful casinos in a variety of exotic locations, and the Waterfront’s Casino Filipino is a great example of that. It’s a fun place to let loose and try your luck with fun slot reels and competitive poker games.

Atlantis Dumaguete Resort

The Atlantis Dumaguete is not unlike the Sheridan in that it’s largely about nature, surrounded by gorgeous beaches and jungle. It does feel slightly more commercial, but you won’t mind grabbing an evening cocktail from a decorated beach bar a few meters away from a white sand beach, or getting a massage by the pool. But it’s not these attractions that make the Atlantis unique.

Rather, it’s that this is a resort meant specifically to appeal to scuba divers. It was intentionally built close to some of the best diving locations in the islands, and is a convenient stop for those who are interested in going on scuba expeditions. There aren’t many places in the world where diving is more incredible.

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