The Best Websites and Must Have Apps for A Traveler

The cell phone has become an essential travel companion. In a matter of seconds and from the palm of your hand, it allows you to know the most suitable lodging to sleep, get to know the cheapest flight deals, create a personal travel guide or split expenses between friends.

It doesn’t matter what unusual yet enjoyable travel activities you choose to carry out, thanks to mobile applications, the preparations or even the trip itself becomes less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

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These are some of the useful tools you should have with you when you go out of your city or country for a trip:


It is one of the most used online hospitality brokerage marketplace and company in the world with an innovative philosophy: “Where there is unused space, others can use it”. It consists of the rental of private accommodations, from rooms, entire apartments to houses with lower rates than those of a hotel or a hostel.

Thanks to the filters offered by the service, you can find the best option for each one, in price, location, size, etc. It is available for both Android and Apple, and it is possible to reserve any accommodation in 191 countries.


Check the reviews and ratings of all the popular airlines. The reviews here are not from the experts but the real passengers who have themselves availed the services of an airline; for example, you will find Aeromexico reviews from someone who has travelled in one of the Aeromexico flights.

If you wish to book your next flight with your favourite airlines, visit a travel booking platform that has access to 450+ major airlines along with 24/7 travel assistance offered to the commuters for a better and convenient journey experience. Hotel Reservations

Unlike Airbnb, this application offers apartments, houses, hotels and hostels. It has promotions and discounts accessible at the last minute, so you have to be aware of the alerts that the app offers.

The reservation fee for any service varies: the minimum cost does not offer the cancellation option, on the other hand, if you want to have this alternative the amount of the reservation will go up but with the possibility of cancelling and the money to be reimbursed. You can also search and book flights and other transport services such as taxis in all destinations.



It is a hostel search engine par excellence. Compare hostels and prices in more than 170 countries without reservation costs. Also, use your location to find the nearest hostels.

Tonight Hotel: this app is ideal for those who want to make a weekend getaway at the last minute or for those who decided to stretch their stay at least one more day. Offers of accommodation with discounts at the last minute and based not only on the place you want to travel but also provides alerts based on the location you are.


It is the ideal system for those who have few coins in their pockets or simply for travellers who like to feel local and live with someone native of the place. CouchSurfing, as the name suggests, is a platform for free accommodation in a resident’s home in exchange for culture, knowledge, shared lifestyles: there is no money involved. The hosts cannot charge the guest for the lodging.


Similar to its name, it is responsible for “scanning” and comparing flights, especially those of low-cost airlines, which are more accessible in terms of prices. It even sends alerts based on offers and discounts.

It is one of the most convenient apps for those who are constantly travelling. Also, the rates appear in the currency of the user’s country and do not charge reservation fees.


Earlier known as GoEuro, it is a search engine that tracks (searches) the lowest prices to the destination that is indicated and based on it provides all the options of flights, buses and trains for the next destination. From the application, you can book and buy tickets with credit and debit cards in a matter of seconds.

Google Maps


The app provides information and options for public transport in any country in the world. Also, being in another country, it is likely that you do not want to use your mobile (because of the high tariffs), so the app has the option to download a map to use it offline.

It is frequently used by travellers thanks to a system of collaborations of Google users. Through the app, it is possible to visualise an area before being in it thanks to the “street view”, which allows exploring the area through 360 ° cameras as if you were there.

Get the offline maps of the entire world with It is an option when it comes to wanting to move anywhere in the world without any connection with detailed maps and a Global Positioning System.


It is a portable automatic calculator. Travelling in a group is an easy and safe way to divide the accounts properly and fairly. This application calculates as the information is entered, how much money has to be paid by each member of the group according to what each one lent. You can create a list of payments or a group with one or several people, as long as they have an account in Splitwise. 

Google Trips – Travel Planner

It is ideal for those who enjoy a tour with each trip organised and premeditated. This method offers the possibility of putting together a tourist guide with all the activities and places that can be visited in a city. And based on the places and activities that are chosen, provides a detailed description of activities, prices, locations on the maps, which also indicate how far each point is chosen and how long it will take to get from a point to the other according to the means of transport used.

Not only that but also, it allows the user to organise himself based on the days of stay. It is showcased according to day and schedules what the user will do. If you want to improvise or change the program, you can add it to the itinerary or only modify it. 

Google Translator

Not only it has the basic function of typing on the phone’s keyboard and translates to the language that is needed, but also if you want to communicate with a person who does not share the same language, you can write in your own language what you want to say and translate. Also, very useful for posters in the streets or supermarkets, the app offers the opportunity to take pictures of the word or the image and automatically translates it.

Translate All – Speech Text Translator

It is a translator with a voice to the voice system, with a simple click, the program automatically captures the voice and translates it into more than 100 languages. 


It is a currency converter that works without an Internet connection. It is a useful and necessary tool for buying and selling currencies or products in a country. 

Having these applications with you, we do not think you need anything more, would you? Do let us know.

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