Bonifacio High Street cinemas finally open on April 30. Experience going to the movies on a new level as they introduce the first-ever 4DX Cinema in the country with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

It is the time to transform the experience of watching a movie. Each 4DX™ seat move on 3 axes of motions: rolling, heaving and pitching. A selection of chair-embedded effects, plus shots of air, splashes of water, leg & back ticklers, allows for a complete immersion of audiences into the movies as they become part of the story on-screen.

Now Open: Bonifacio High Street Cinemas

Bonifacio High Street cinemas will make your movie experience more intense and immersive by using all your senses. From chairs moving in all directions to a special device sprays filtered water for a realistic feel of the movie you are watching. This is absolutely great and immersive experience which includes real scents of each scene. Movie-goers will also be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning mist and scents that enhance what you see on the screen with over 24 varieties of special effect in a 3D format.

Cinema tickets are sold from Php250-Php450 subject to change without prior notice. For your convenience log on to for cinema schedule. To purchase tickets in advance, visit the Cinema Lobby at 3/F Central Square Building, Bonifacio High Street Central.


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