From the start, our primary goal has always been to travel learn and have some fun on every trip. Our group adventure itinerary was designed to help ourselves create everlasting memories.


Project Dora participants at the Balingasay River, one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines

The greatest thing about traveling in groups is that you have the opportunity to know someone and make friends with new people. In most cases, these are the traveling freak that you have never met or even heard before. In addition, you also get to understand and help the environment in your own little way and be able to leave the stress at home or office for a while, thus restore the strength of your mind and soul.

Whether you are the most introvert person or easily irritated with people, we can help you appreciate the camaraderie with other Travel nuts. And take note that the memorable trips involve the shared experiences with other wanderers. Eventually these experiences become some of your most treasured memories.

We want you to be part of our journey. Joining our trip is like experiencing a different or unique way of life than what you are used to at home. Experience tradition, food, history, culture, lifestyle and more opportunities to connect with people who have the same love of travel as you do.

Jump to the truth about Luzon’s cleanest river.

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