Breathtaking  Bohol cast as a spell on tourists  drawn to this oval-shaped island –
from the Chocolate Hills to the Tarsier, from 16th century watchtowers to Baroque Jesuit mission churches, from the Loboc River to Tagbilaran City itself.
In addition  to magnificent chocolate Hills are palm-fringed coastlines that are blessed with a spectacular white sandy beaches and sheltering coves. Do not forget  the ever-smiling, ever-friendly Boholano!
Bohol to me  is a little bit of Cebu, Palawan and Boracay rolled into one – Cebu because of its wealth in history  and Spanish heritage; Palawan for its lush fauna and flora  and Boracay for its white sandy beaches and amazing resort atmosphere. Mind you ! Bohol has a unique local flavour unseen in any other part of the Philippines.  Plan your vacation now . Make Bohol on your list and have a one great holiday destination.


Chocolate Hills is the most famous attraction in Bohol. Looks like a giant moles. Others would say women’s breasts. Honestly when I was a kid , i always reminded when a teacher taught us about geography and topography, teaching us all about mountains, volcanos,  hills, planes etc and would wanted us to draw what it looks like. I could not imagine , in time I will be able to visit those places when I grow up.
When you get to Bohol , after arriving from Tagbilaran Port, several tourguides and tour operators would approach you to tour the best of Bohol attractions. At any rate they have a separate trip or day tour at an affordable rates . Believe me guys , its up for grabs .
Where to stay in Bohol? We only have a limited options. But i would strongly recommend you stay either in Tagbiliran or Panglao , ask your tourguide for an affordable rate, mind you get their contact numbers so in the future , you ll be able to get in touch with them in this way if you have friends who will visit Bohol ,They will be able to accomodate you at a lower rates .
Beautiful paradise in Bohol, I also wanna thank the former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos , I was told he initiated to have the chocolate hills complex courtesy of ministry  of tourism Manila.  Its one of a kind tourism project. . A tourism project that goes by seeing the old churches ,nice beaches, tarsiers, giant snakes, and juanderful bohol cultu
By the way if you will be coming from cebu to bohol  you catch the super cat ferry from cebu port to bohol , then try to arrange tours via private car or van , that is a package .That includes everything. you will just have to pay small fees like entrance fees , parking ( there’s no toll fees by the way) hihihi.  Lunch at Loboc river and other historical churches and other cultural places nearby…
Have a safe trip =)

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