Birds can really bring joy to outdoor enthusiast like me. Watching and observing wild birds in their natural habitat is definitely a great idea for outdoor seekers. There are so much to learn about this activity , like how they fly and also what type of songs they usually sing. Generally, watching these birds fly can open secret things about the character of nature and most likely reveal the natural beauty that already exists in nature all around us.

Bird watching

Bird watching has been around for years in the Philippines. I never thought that the Philippines is has over 600 bird species and 200 of those are very unique in the country. The most prolific of bird species is the Indigo banded kingfisher which can be found at the Villa Escudero in Laguna. One bird was named Mariquit and became famous as she has made a book and magazine covers including an ad printed on the side of a red London double-decker bus.

Villa Escudero is considered as one of the best bird watching sites in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism and for having a 90 various bird species .

bird watching
Columbia sportswear introduced a latest hobby to outdoor activity enthusiasts. People of all ages can definitely enjoy this hobby. Just go out and watch the birds. Folks from different walks of life can watch these feathered wonders in their own natural habitat.

Columbia sportswear joined forces with the Wild Bird Club for birdwatching 101, it was a discussion held at the Travel Club , Trinoma last April 19, 2012. I was very fortunate to be part of this activity.

bird watching
Interested birdwatchers and participants registered for this event at any Columbia Stores. Slots were limited, a photo exhibit and film showing took place on the 19th of April. Another incredible opportunity will then follow on April 28, 2012 at Villa Escudero ; registration for these R.O.X. signature tours was opened during the bird watching discussion.

Thanks to Columbia Sportswear, exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of companies, for more information about the Columbia Sportswear please visit or visit their Facebook pages at columbiasportswear_ph.
Bird watching is really more fun in the Philippines. It is a great and fun learning experience. Bird watching will get you outdoors and also makes you think and develop you Observational skills. Hope to see you this weekend folks.



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