It feels good to travel with friends but it feels ultimately great when you go solo . For me, it is a great opportunity for you to do exactly what you want. You will come up with your own plans, itinerary and a lot more .

Like you , I also want to have my travel dreams come true.  Many of them are doing it solo. My experiences are so good . I get what I really want. I go places that I like.Visiting places  that I have never been to or  visiting  places I have never been before . And that is exactly the kind of pleasure , a perfect situation that I always want to experience . I do that because I do not want to deprive myself from exploring what is the unexplored.

I am always astonished  to discover how huge our culture is . Philippines has its fantastic  array of cultural attractions. Literally we have numerous festivals all over the country, performance art and exhibits. Spend your time reading magazines. Check out  the latest museum exhibit or try to google places near you and experience the art of traveling solo. You also might want to  learn about our prehistoric times at the National Museum , or try to visit the Museo Pambata and the National Library.

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Happy moment Nueva Ecija
Embarking  on a roadtrip would be an interesting topic for a solo traveler too. You really have to plan ahead . It might be a  great idea if you try to talk to the locals . Ask them the best place in their town, whats the local street food and delicacies . That would be a lot easier and practical  because you dont have to buy an expensive maps .They can be your guide . If you are inspired by your journey try to meet and greet new people along the way . That is the ultimate joy of traveling solo. I always shout or i should say while i enjoy and relish my single status, I am always on the go and working so hard to meet and make connections with these  people.


Unforgettable moment San jose Mindoro


I  also tried the walking tour of the city . Like in Intramuros , you are bound to meet other solo travelers there too. Take the initiative, introduce yourself. You’ll never know you will end up doing the same thing ; sight seeing together ….

Traveling solo does not really mean being alone . This is a perfect time for anyone  who really thrives on powerful and potent travel adventures.
My emo moment (catching the sunset)  in San Juan Batangas
Being alone,  I can go anywhere and go anytime. No pressure.  I always feel so motivated to plan a solo trip. Always keep this in mind, remaining alert and using common sense can keep you safe whether traveling solo or in groups.  While it is true that  there are some concerns about the risk of traveling solo, the risks that is out there would not stop me from exploring different roads.
Im still going on my own road..I have traveled near and far…and my journey continues in this very short road called LIFE… Always be safe….
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