In our society today, a quality education in science and technology means better comprehension for students to become more responsible citizens by creating a strong economy and contribute to a healthy atmosphere and possibly build a brighter future for everyone. A good quality science education enhances the students development and understanding the mind they need in order to become a compassionate citizen to face their lives on. And the more we understand science, the stronger our society can be. All the things we learn through science gives us repercussions that would enable us to become more responsible people.

An environment that is fully aware of the benefits of Science will definitely remains scientifically and technology equipped and competitive.

Mind Museum holds a summer science educational program which will help students learn the basics of forensic science as well as critical thinking, data gathering and scientific analysis. The program will allow students to take on the role of a crime scene investigator and forensic scientist where they can investigate a series of crimes. Let your child learn things about detective science, novels, and games, then he or she will likely appreciate the chance to step into the shoes of a forensic scientist.


The CSI 101 Program is set on April 5-7 and is open to ages 14 to 17 years old. Applicants must be of the appropriate age on the start date of the program. Limited slots available. Deadline for enrollment is on April 1, Monday.

The Mind Museum is the first world-class Science museum in the Philippines. With a vision to become the center for the public understanding of science, the museum has put together a series of educational summer programs for kids and teenagers in Metro Manila this summer.

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For more informaton, please contact the Mind Museum through the following:

Tel no: 909-MIND(that’s 909-6463)

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