Majayjay is situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw which stands 1000 feet above sea level and  4th class municipality in the province of Laguna. It’s about 120 kilometers south of Metro Manila.

Majayjay is known for its magnificent Taytay Falls or Imelda Falls . Former First lady Imelda Marcos made a huge contribution for promoting tourism in Majayjay. Majayjay is located in a remote area where lush greenery’s and vegetation is abundant . In order to get there , you need to trek down the leading to 10-15 minute trail.

Armed with fellow travel bloggers (tropang Quezon), just wanna share you the camping experience we had the last weekend. We wanted to make sure our long weekend would be much  enjoyable as possible. I am not so good when it comes to directions so as expected we were lost even though we have maps. It was a great adventure…



According to some  “ma” was from the word marami, which means plenty in English. And the word “jay”(pronounced as hay) was from “hay”, which means sigh in English. So the word is full of sigh from appreciating the gift of nature.
majayjay laguna


majayjay laguna


Leaving at 7am , I thought was too early for us to catch bus ride to our featured destination. I have asked a couple of friends who  were there before and asked the fastest way to get there and we’ve been told to take a bus route going to famy Laguna and from there a tricycle ride to siniloan , a  jeepney ride to sta cruz and another jeepney ride to majayjay if I am not mistaken . Lucky for us a public utility jeepney offered us a special trip to majayjay at P100 per head which  to us is not bad,  after all it was  a long and another zigzag road experience as well . I would suggest if you’ll be coming from manila take a bus to lucena , from lucena take a jeepney ride to lucban and a tricycle to majayjay.
majayjay laguna
Like i said we wanted to be there as early as possible so we could maximize our time with taking pictures and stuff. Since most of them came from work ( work @ night)  we had to eat for breakfast before heading to a bus station in manila ( bus going to famy laguna route) I find it a little surprising when we learned  that most of the buses going to famy laguna pass  by ortigas extension, we’re such a jerk. Imagine ( bumiyahe pa kami ng Manila dadaan din pala ng Ortigas).
The trip was long because we had to cut trips. But the trip was really awesome.Finally , we arrived at last!!! Yii!!!!
The entrance is only for P20. If you bring your own tent, better otherwise you can rent,  We had to rent tent which is good for 8 people. There’s also an apartment type of accommodation there, cottages too. But i believe its 350 per room and unlimited occupants but  i would really wanna experience a new level of camping . I guess to be  able to really appreciate the beauty of nature .
majayjay laguna
Arrived with plenty of groceries, improvised stove hihihi I felt I was living in the past where people don’t have rice cookers, freezers and all that jazz.
Most of the people are young adults having their own tents and camp there, its truly a haven for nature lovers…
majayjay laguna
Trekking to the water falls was easy. The path way is already cemented so it so easy to trek. Actually this is the easiest trek that we had.
The water is so cold , it’s really freezing, vegetation is so rich too. It’s a safe place, civilian guards or staff are all over the place checking you guys out . We stayed there overnight and hopefully will comeback soon .

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Confused how to get to Taytay Falls?
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