The young wanderers

The young wanderers and their insight about traveling.

Adventure travel is definitely a great experience for everyone. Perhaps it does not really require everyone to think about academics or subjects in school but it is still engaged in fulfilling and meaningful activities.

When Nina asked how I schedule and balance my trip, work and school. This was the statement I had to say.

It’s hard when you don’t know how to manage your time. I must say I am very particular with schedules and time so I give plenty of time to think over my future schedules, when my trip would be available and make changes as needed. I really don’t leave anything until the last minute. I must say I am well organized when it comes to my travel schedule but there are some times that I have to give up my travel schedules because I am compromised with the school requirements and at the same time at work. So it’s really difficult to travel, go to school and work simultaneously. I also consider my aspirations and my future. My primary goal is to finish school and focus on my career if there is really one. But I also consider my interest and I want to be realistic. Traveling is what I enjoy so I compile all my travel experiences. Just know your priorities and from this point, tweak it, adjust when necessary until you know how to balance your schedule. I’m sure you can handle anything if you set priorities.

To my valued readers , you can read an article written by Nina of about traveling insights of five young wanderers including myself. More tips when you read the link below.

Read the young wanderers . You can also read the archives of Philippine Star’s unblogged which features today’s emerging and seasoned bloggers. 

Have a safe travels.

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