Top 9 Products You Should Avoid To Stay Fit

The main reason for gaining excess weight is not fat, as many believe, but carbohydrates. Let’s see which products can quickly give you a few more pounds.

When it comes to gaining weight, it’s all about fast carbohydrates; they are the most dangerous enemies of thin waists. The scheme is simple: the higher the glycemic index of a product, the faster the carbohydrates in it will be converted into the fat layer. It’s time to find out which products should be avoided.

1. Sugar
Sugar is a product that contains only carbohydrates. After getting into the body, sucrose is instantly absorbed, splitting into fructose and glucose, giving your body energy, strength, and vigor, which on the one hand is good. But each product has its own consumption rate, and for sugar, it’s about 60 grams per day for men and 50 grams for women. In this case, you should take into account that sugar gets into the body not only in its pure form but also with other products, in which it’s included. So it’s pretty easy to eat too much sugar, and it turns into fat faster than you can say “gym.”

2. Starch
Well, as a natural carbohydrate component of rice, corn, nuts, beans, potatoes and other products starch is safe to eat. But refined and modified starches, which can be found in mayonnaise, bakery products, and desserts, are totally different. In industrial environments, starch loses some of its useful properties and acquires many harmful ones, which then results in health problems and excess weight. So, all the guys who care about their looks and all the ladies who want to look like ukrainian women for marriage from dating websites should stay away from starch.

3. Beer
The beer itself doesn’t really affect your weight because it’s excreted from the body, in contrast to various beer snacks, which immediately turn into fat. In addition, malt is in the top ten among products in terms of the glycemic index, so drinking this beverage too often is not recommended.

4. White bread
The real threat to your perfect body comes directly from white bread. In the process of its production, the grain loses the shell and germ, that is, all the wholesome components it had. We still have starch, empty calories and fast carbohydrates with zero benefits.

5. Bakery products
Buns, cookies, bagels, croissants, pies and cakes, in fact, contain everything that was mentioned above. None of these products can be made without wheat flour, modified starch and sugar, so draw conclusions.

6. Fizzy water
Soda is basically sugar in a liquid form, packed with artificial colors and flavors. Benefits for the body from such a drink are doubtful, and it’s difficult to argue with this.

7. Semolina
Semolina is a by-product of wheat processing. Manna porridge, generously flavored with milk, sugar, and butter, becomes an extremely nutritious and high-calorie product, and what happens next is pretty obvious – the “carbohydrates-insulin-glucose-excess weight” process turns on.

8. Chocolate
Chocolate, like all other popular desserts, contains fast carbohydrates. If this product is your weakness, then you’d better switch to bitter chocolate and pamper yourself with small quantities of it and only in the morning.

9. Date fruit
The glycemic index record holders are dried fruits of the date palm. They are the exact opposite of what they were in their fresh state. A date fruit without water is a sweet mass of dietary fiber and fast carbohydrates.

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