Top five easy steps to choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay is a beautiful spot situated around a distance of 144 kilometers towards the east if Hanoi in the Gulf of Tonkin. Having more than 1,600 islets and islands, today this place has become of the bestVietnam travel among all the travel enthusiast.

Halong Bay is considered to be one famous tourist place of Southeast Asia where you can spend your vacations with your love and family and can carry out a number of relaxation activities – from relaxing on the beach to shopping in the bazars to dining your favorite Vietnamese delicacies and much more.

Having trouble while picking the best Halong Bay Cruise? Here are the five quick steps:

Decide how long do you want to go:

The first thing that you must do is to decide the duration for which you want to visit the beautiful Halong Bay. Three types of cruise tours operate in this place namely, 2 day-1 night cruises, 2 day-2 night cruises as well as 4-day-3 night cruises. The day trip cruises are the short journey that will give you the taste of navigating in between the forests of the islands. Thus, you can book the day cruises with no overnight stay departing from the places like Halong City, Cat Ba or Hanoi.

At the same time, overnight cruises are considered to be more classic where you can give yourself more time to relax and to enjoy in the puddles of the water. You can also wake up to some of the most gorgeous views. Thus, your choice of the cruise decides the rest of the journey in Halong Bay. Pick up a wise choice.

Always double check on what’s included:

The second thing that you must keep in check during the Vietnam amazing travel at Halong Bay is to double check on what is included into your cruise. A common rule here is that a cruise includes everything from good food to all kinds of recreational activities. Thus, you must double check on everything that is to be included into the cruise for you. You must make a thorough read of the itinerary that is proposed by each company and check the daily activities associated with them as well.

Make a research of the cruise boats:

This is surely considered as the key of the successful cruise to the Halong Bay. As you start looking out for the cruise boat, you will come across a number of boats style, quality as well as sizes that are used to cater all the visitors and travelers to Halong Bay. Thus, you must decide the kind of boat that you are going to use to travel in.

One thing you must keep in mind – you must do a well research of the boats before actually making the payment for the same. You must always consider the things like the overall quality of the boat, the age of the boat as well as the rent that you are going to pay. Also, researching about the number of passengers that your boat carries is very important. One suggestion: choose a boat that is going to carry a minimum of 35 people.

Prepare your budget:

It is very important for you to not to hurt your wallet while vacationing at the beautiful Halong Bay in order to regret it later. Thus, a quick search on the web will tell you everything about the nominal living and stay at the Halong Bay. Do not invest your money in a plush accommodation, on the contrary choose a nominal accommodation as you are not going to spend a lot of time into your room.

Carry out a fine research work in order to decide the best deal for you. You must also everything else into account as well, which includes the transportation, the activities, food, etc. If you are dealing with an agency, do not forget to bargain.

Book through the right place:

A number of tourist scams in Vietnam make rounds every now and then and the people who are looking out for the cruises mostly become the best targets of these cruises. Thus, you must be very careful regarding everything and must not walk into any agency which is making you feel skeptical.

Vietnam is a place where you need to search everything beforehand and then making the last move. For this purpose, you must also try to find the places that are recommended by other travelers in order to play safe. Do not book anything through hotel as there are chances for you to get duped in terms of an expensive booking.

Halong Bay is one beautiful place that gives you sight of some of the most breathtaking views of the world. If you are planning to enjoy your vacation here, keep the above listed things in mind and to later entertain the best holiday of your life.

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