Let us all agree that Traveling is like taking drugs. You get addicted to travel. I bet once you start, you will find it hard to stop. Now let’s talk about Pinoy Air travelers. Flying can be a fun experience, however there are some annoying habits that we need to be aware of. When we travel or go on a trip, we get the chance to somehow observe many kinds of bad habits as far as Philippine air travelers are concerned. Generally, in most cases, there are annoying habits that make us laugh and others can really spoil our day. These are some of the top habits that will surely irritate Pinoy Flyers.


1. Reiza–  I don’t like it when travellers start to show some attitude (i.e. being rude) to people who offer them services, like porters, guides, waiters, airline crew, hotel staff, vendors. More often than not, these people just want to earn a living, just like all of us. Most of them haven’t even travelled outside their towns! I just don’t like rude people, period. 🙂

2. Mheanne– Pet Peeve for air travelers come to life:

– (NJ-Cincinati) in a small seating, the huge guy extended his bulky elbows both side, occupying my seat already though I’ve been showing him how it has encroached my space and has to keep his arms to himself (it would have been a different story if he’s cute, ok lang makipag elbow han. hahaha).

-Clark – while at the waiting area, passenger kept on complaining about how the airline is always delayed and all that (eh bakit nga dun sila nagbook ng airlines in the first place?)

3. Kaiz– Ayaw ko ng COD. Yung tipong 15 minutes nang delay pero di pa nakakalipad yung airplane kasi yung isang pasahero ay di magkamayaw kung saan ilalagay ang bagahe nya. Tapos pag nakahanap na ng pwesto kukunin ulit yung bag at may ibabalik or kukunin. True-to-life story ito. Saka yung mga nagpi-picture ng 30 times tapos ipo-post sa Facebook na isang buong album.

4. Mervin– What I don’t like :

-Mga nag o-occupy ng more than 1 seat sa waiting area kasi gusto matulog, wala ng maupuan, you’ll end up seating on the floor.

-Yung mabagal kumilos sa loob ng plane kasi hindi alam saan ilalagay yung baggage nya, nakaharang tuloy sa aisle, na de-delay tuloy ang flight.

-Ayoko din nung mga turista na nagto-tolerate ng mga beggars, specially sa mga port where they make fun in throwing coins sa mga nag-be-beg for money.

-Yung mga excited sa pag open ng cellphone nila, yung iba tumatawag pa kahit sinasabi na bawal pa gumamit ng cellphone.

5. Eileen–  Those who keep electronics on during the flight. The concept now may be questionable but it’s still the damn law. No cellphones, no iPad, no mp3 players. Plus, I don’t like flight attendants who don’t reprimand people like this.

-those who recline their seats the moment the seatbelt sign is off and only put it back kapag landing na… Di naman natutulog, gusto Lang maluwag sila.

6. Doi– Passengers with  bad breath, smelly feet and general all round bad body odour.

On my flight back home (Tiger: BKK to Clark) ang baho ng paa ng katabi ko! hahaha. in her teens or early 20s and she removed her flats. nung una, tagal ko inisip ano yung mabahong amoy na yun. yun pala paa niya! halos mamatay ako sa baho. Buti nlng may headware akong bitbit. I had to endure wearing the face mask for 3 hours because of that. Sarap talaga sabihan pwede isuot niya ulit shoes niya but di ko nalang ginawa.

7. Aleah–  Pet peeve: I don’t like sitting beside people who are very talkative and who can’t seem to survive by keeping their mouth shut once in a while. Even if you don’t show any interests. He/She will keep on talking.

8. CA– Maingay sa plane, especially if you want to sleep.

9. Renz- YUNG MGA TAONG HINDI SUMUSUNOD SA SEAT ASSIGNMENTS!!! Simple instructions, hindi pa rin kayang i-follow!!!! Freak!

– Yung mga taong tumatayo na kahit hindi pa naka park ang eroplano sa assigned bay ng airport.

– Those who don’t know how to fall in line.

10.  If you fly when you’re sick, try to have a little courtesy. Please take the most powerful drugs you can find as much as possible. Or better stay at home instead.

Well, most of us are quite embarrassed by the behaviour of our fellow travelers or guilty of a few sins ourselves! While we never know how relaxing our journey will be. Please take time to correct our mannerisms that may annoy people around us. Do you have another pet peeve to share?

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