I have been to Baguio City several times already. And I will always come back.

Baguio City is also known as the summer capital of the Philippines. And  did you know that the city is derived from the word bagiw which means moss?  The place is conducive to the growth of mossy plants and orchids.

There are numerous attractions and panaromic scenes in Baguio city. But I guess when you go to Baguio , you’ll definitely enjoy the soothing breeze of wind matching with pine trees all over the place . I must say it is  a perfect getaway to those romantic and happy soul.You will appreciate the beauty of Nature.

During holidays I spent my time here. Maybe i just wanna kill my boredom . Or I would rather say I want to experience the cold temperature here.It feels ultimately great when you getaway….I wish I could manage 6-8 hours of travel time…

There are hotels, traveler inn’s situated in Baguio to accomodate tourists specially this summer. You’ll enjoy the colorful Panagbenga festival ( a month long colorful flower festival) which simply means the season of blooming.

Its also known for bargain hunters. People are coming to the city to take advantage of various unique products which is competitively at a lower price. Numerous shopping establishments are lined up . These includes SM city Baguio, Baguio center Malls and other bargain centers.

Down town Session Road is the trade center of the city. This is where you will see the commercial and business centers of Baguio City .

Baguio’s main industry is tourism. The city of pines is one of the easies to explore . Buy a map at a bookstore . I personally suggest buy the one that indicates tourist destinations which i will enumerate below .

LIONS HEAD which is located in camp 6 kennon road . A popular landmark which was constructed in 1972 by the Lions club international members in Baguio. Dont hesitate to stop by and take a photo as your souvenir.

Tam-awan village – constructed to show visitors how a local village in the highlands look like . The word means a high place to view .

The mansion house – the official residence of the President of the Philippines.

CAMP john hay which is the former American recreational facility which now converted to a world class resort.

Teachers camp- currently run by the department of education.

Wright park- pool of the pines , 100 meter long pool of water lined up on both sides are the famous baguio towering pines.

Mines view park – this is where youll see the view of Benguet mountains where gold and silver were once quarried

Botanical garden- the Igorot village . The garden is also a site of cultural presentations and tribal meetings.

Wright Park

Burnham park – The oldest baguio parks . provides anything from picnics , any sporting activities and concerts.

Mines View

The strawberry Farm

Bell church features oriental architecture, dragon ornaments etc.

The Baguio Cathedral , a majestic church located on top of a hill in the heart of the city .

More posts of the Best of Baguio City soon

i love Baguio…

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