Travel Adventures From Real Travel Adventurer

Travel Adventures From Real Travel Adventurer: Jonel Cartel

June 1 is the 152nd day of the year (153rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 213 days remaining until the end of the year according to Wikipedia. On the other hand, June 1, 1971. a bomb exploded at Plaza Miranda during a political rally of the Liberal Party. There were around 100 casualties and 10 deaths. Starting that time, the popularity of Benigno Aquino and his Liberal Party grew rapidly. Marcos blamed the communists for suspicious bombing. And on the lighter side , Alanis Morissette, born June 1, 1974, Canadian american , guitarist , record producer and actress is celebrating her birthday today..Happy birthday and cheers!

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Now , I will let you guys meet our pick of the month for June. He is no other than Jonel Cartel. His travel stories and tales will somehow take you to the different places in the country.
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Traveling is so cool, we are able to see different places.Aside from the places you see, you learn to appreciate other cultures. Meeting different people is always what we are looking forward to. We always look for something exciting and interesting travel experience. So far he has found numerous interesting topics about cool travel. Jonel prefers to be away from tourist destinations. He tries to learn local dialects and languages , travel by plane and/ or by bus are his options. Food and delicacies are his inspiration to travel more. It helps him relax and keep himself focused. After every trip, you will be able to see him in his super saiyan mode. ( Jonel, could you be more elaborative about super saiyan mode? ) hihi. He enjoys photography, it gives him the liberty to shoot everything he likes.Taking pictures help him a lot in honing his skills to capture and preserve all the moments he was able to experience and in this way he could share it with the others.In other words ( mamatay nalang sila sa inggit)

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Paoay Church Ilocos

This open-minded and adventurer depending on his mood likes to travel solo or in groups. There are times he wants to travel with his best buddies but under the normal circumstances he travels alone ( with matching background song “All by myself”)

For him being alone is just a state of mind too. (savor the moment) I think that’s his cup of tea. There are several occasions where he gets lost and directions. I can imaging getting lost and the exerience is different . You get to explore the place and perhaps thats the thrill of it.There are unforgettable experiences while traveling along is you get to encounter dialects from the locals . It’s actually a plus if the locals understand Filipino or Tagalog but what if they don’t. hihihi. That is  a different story. Filipinos in general are friendly and helpful so do not be afraid to mingle with the locals .

Again while it is so true that there are some concerns about the risk of traveling solo or in groups , the risk that is out there would not stop us from exploring different places in the world. ( isn’t correct Marivic?) Yes it happens anywhere or it could happen anytime but remaining alert and keeping your common sense can always keep you safe.

travel nuts
travel nuts
lingayen , Pangasinan

Jonel loves churches and enjoys local delicacies in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos sur and in Cebu.

Five things he would bring during his trip are as follows : wallet. camera. samsung galaxy tab which has phone , camerea and personal GPS tracking device. spare phone (hmm why? hihi) and a backpack ( even Dora the explorer would be envious to see whats inside of my bag lol.)

His favorite  tourist spots are the Paoay church in Ilocos Norte and Panglao beach in Bohol.

Dream destination in the Philippines it’s a lot . Anywhere . Seeing lots of beautiful places in the Philippines will be enough for him to enjoy life. He adores Susan Calo Medina as she always say ” Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling Bayan”

And in Abroad – He wants to travel to many countries like Bangkok, China, Japan, Paris, Rome, Vatican, Peru, egypt, India and Antartica (so he could see those penguins singing and dancing -happy feet=) )

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Thanks a lot Jay. You are a certified Travel Nuts!

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