Good news for fellow travelers out there. MurangLipad finally launches its call center services through web talk and web chat button. The webtalk button is available during its call center operating hours from 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 6pm for Sat, Sun and holidays.  The caller should also meet the system requirements indicated on the window screen for a good quality connection. The web talk button is available on MurangLipad’s website, which enables clients to automatically be routed to its call center for booking requirements and inquiries. The webtalk and the webchat features are good for everyone and ideal for our friends in the Visayas and in Mindanao and other parts of the world too. Great deal because they do not have to shoulder the fees for long distance and international calls and actually you can call MurangLipad while you’re online.

MURANGLIPAD.COM is a one-stop portal offering assistance in product and service comparison of the best travel deals.

To our friends from Visayas and Mindanao, MurangLipad is now within reach nationwide and you may call MurangLipad anywhere for Free. Visit MurangLipad online at and press the green call button to make your domestic and international flight bookings.Tawag na!


Admittedly, there are so many things to do and breathtaking places to explore, choosing how you travel around the Philippines is as important as choosing where you want to go.

MURANGLIPADFor travel between the Philippine islands, hop on a bus, a plane or ferry. Daily flights are always available between domestic airports. Through Muranglipad you can enjoy the following:

Airline tickets


-Flight timing

-Airport accessibility

Inflight services

-Inflight food


-Luggage allowance

MURANGLIPADHotel Accommodations and Tour Packages

  • Accommodation
  • Activities & tours
  • Online booking services
  • Transport services
  • Travel agents and airlines
  • Visitor information service


MurangLipad travel agents will be more than happy to book your dream holidays in the Philippines offering cheap flights from all major airline companies and travel products nationwide. Let your Muranglipad travel agent arrange your cheap flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, activities and other services.

MurangLipad can certainly take care of organising your vacation plans, including cheap air fares, accommodation, tour packages, activities and transportation services. From sourcing the best travel deals and comparing the cheapest flights from all major airlines to arranging other travel activities, Muranglipad travel agents can arrange everything for your dream holidays in the Philippines.


Call MurangLipad at 849-0100 to book your cheap tickets. Get updated for the latest promo offerings by following MurangLipad on Twitter : @MurangLipad. You can also like their page at MurangLipad on Facebook.

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