I just recently realized that for our lives to change, we also have to change. For me, the Year of the Snake is in full swing. I am nursing the thought of having a more meaningful vacations by taking myself on the destination less traveled and with only one purpose- to rediscover and explore the Philippine Islands.

And of all the things I learned lately which I bet  you might adapt to is the skill of traveling light. Let me tell you that it is the one most enjoyable, productive, hassle-free travel experiences.

If there’s one thing you need to know about travelling light, it’s actually the understanding and creating a packing list. There is no doubt that traveling light is a skill but we have to take a few considerations. Admittedly, many of these things seem relatively unimportant. We have to ensure and understand what to look for in efficient & effective luggage.

As we embark ourselves in a longer journey, the more we realize that we should only need to bring just a few essential things with us. Realistically, we need to be practical and smart, since carrying just a few stuff means we don’t have to make an effort  to carry a bulky bag when we travel. A small portable backpack really can make a difference when it comes to independent travel. Our bag is our life. The smaller bag it is the less it sticks outs and the less sensitive you feel.

In addition, a bulky bag inside a bus or any public vehicle  may sound alright, but when it is crowded, trust me, you cannot be separated from it. It goes on the roof sometimes or at the back. It is normally alright there, but this creates a little paranoia about theft as it sometimes happens everywhere.

Here’s my list of travel essentials that has changed little by little everyday. I hope you consider this list.

1. Essential clothing which is around the same number as the number of days I’m traveling. No more than two T-shirts or similar. I personally buy local shirts.

2. Money and identification cards

3. It’s a personal thing. Underwear: it’s recommended (guys) to take only a few pairs, let’s say about three or more. I don’t bring too much, especially if I can wash them while on the road.

4. Sure, Toiletries. Carry those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash for personal hygiene.

5. I have my pocket sized camera or DSLR if I have to shoot on a trip. Believe me when I say that making memories is the best part of traveling.

6. For someone who loves adventure travel like me, I prefer practical gears like batteries, chargers for my gadgets etc.

If there is one item that more and more travellers are packing it’s a laptop or notebook. Let’s put it this way, you can store/edit all your photos, write and/or update a blog, find wi-fi spots and access the internet, listen to music or watch movies. Sounds very cool and while having a laptop can be good, but carrying one may not be for everyone.

You can also search and find cheap flights and other travel related services on the web. If you want to buy and sell a second hand goods in the Philippines, you can check out philippineslisted.com. With just a single click, you can find the cheapest deals through the internet, and even compare offers side-by-side.

Packing light enhances our  travel experiences and allow more enjoyment away from home, exploring cultures, interacting with the other people.

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