Travel Guide- Davao City and Samal Island

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Traveling is really fun. You meet people on the road. Meeting people alone is really enjoyable. I like to explore things, trying a new stuff like eating a frog legs perhaps and so much more.  I don’t know but these travel experiences are so fulfilling and rewarding. 

Now I thought, I need to touch base with you my not so recent trip. If you want to experience the best of cosmopolitan comforts and the real beauty of nature, make Davao city as your weekend destination. It is just an hour and a half from Manila by plane.

The city is very famous for its yummy Durian and Pomelo fruits. The cosmopolitan city has grown into a well developed city and the nightlife is something everyone is looking forward to experience. 

Plan your trip if you are on a very tight budget. Believe me, by exploring the city you can find a cheaper yet a decent hostels or Inns. 

From  Francisco Bangoy International Airport or Davao International Airport, you can reach the city  center in  just  about 15 minutes. .The rate is at P35 . People in Davao City  are known for being honest. I am so glad that they value fairness and honesty. Kudos!

If you are looking for a clean , accessible , comfortable place to stay . You can stay at the Las Casitas Inn on Rizal St. . It has a Cafe with a WIFI connection. It has 24 hour room service. 

There are so many things to do in Davao City. If you would like to know the rich history of Davao City , then go ahead and check out the Davao Museum. 

Tribu K’ Mindanawon on the other hand is a replica of an old cathedral  village that showcases the rich culture of the indigenous people of Davao. That can be found just beside the Crocodile Park.

We also encourage you to visit the Eden National Park which is located in the mountain top. It offers leisure activities like horse back riding, mountain trails,tramping, guided tours and more adventours!

Now if you want to see a breath-taking view at night, don’t fail to visit Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant  at Shrine Hills. It is recommended in all local guide books. You can also enjoy the night at Bak-bak restaurant on F. Torres St. It is famous for ice cold beers. There are numerous bars lined up here. They are up for grabs. 

Another interesting park you must see is the People’s Park located in the city center. It’s a place where you see people walking , jogging during the day. 

Your weekend getaway is not complete unless you visit the beach. There are great deal of choices. Ilihan Beach resort is an ideal private resort . Experience the beauty of nature. Gifted with a natural , pristine shoreline, abundant in marine life worth discovering. A great cove carved by the blue sea for thousand of years and captivating hills as backdrop of this beautiful beach. 

Be on the look out for this Pasalubong list and treats.  Pomelo fruits,  mangosteen and durian. Do not forget to  buy spicy vinegar or sinamak . You also have to try the longest and fastest zipline in Asia. The Xcellerator  and Outland Adventure. And lastly, take a lot of photos and again blog about your experience. 

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