Most of the time , stress of city life gets us down. So to recharge yourself , Ill take you to one of the best places in the country. It’s where  you get the best of nature in a very laid back environment. 

Another great weekend destination for travelers. Puerto Princesa , Palawan. One of the first class city in the Philippines which is located 306 nautical miles southwest of Manila. Or just an hour and a half away from Manila by plane. 

If you have plans to go to Puerto Princesa,  Plan ahead of time. Choose where to stay  and look for a place that is cheaper but a decent one. Most of the hotels in Palawan can be arranged to have you picked up at the airport. Tricycles to the city center cost about P35 to P40 .

One of the major things you can do is to go on island hopping. Check out beautiful and dramatic  landscapes surrounded by blue and clear body of salt water. 

Now lets hop on the bus!

A must see 8.2km underground river in Sabang. The underground river in Palawan has a breathtaking site that makes every tourist visiting the place regard it with shock, awe and  excitement. It is listed  as one of the UNESCOs World heritage site . After the underground river tour, you can have lunch beside the Park’s picnic area.

Now hop into your boat and explore Honday Bay , take a pick  with numerous white beaches. Included islands are  Pandan Island, Snake Island and Starfish Island. 

Starfish Island has sparkling  and pristine water with a lot of starfish obviously, known for its snake shaped sand bar , white sand beach and a lot of coconut trees. Pandan Island is also a beautiful place  with almost intact  coral reef, you can also see turtles swimming around. 

I also recommend  bakers hill and city Baywalk . If you want to experience a very authentic  Philippine restaurant , try the Kalui restaurant  . Everything on their menu is superb and the prices are reasonable. 

For a great dinner experience try the Badjao restaurant  , best seafood and best view at the same time. 

Do not forget to buy dried fish , prawns and cashew nuts at the market. Woodcrafts are also available in Iwahig. And if you want something different,  try to eat tamilok which is an edible woodworm which can be found inside barks of mangroves.  

Dive sites are everywhere. The nearest dive sites are white beach and Red Cliff, both can be found inside Puerto Princesa Bay. Colorful reef fish , turtles and rays are sighted and can be observed in one dive. 

Check out this itinerary. And once again, speaking of spending less , travel more, You take a lot of great photos, buy a great souvenir and blog about your fantastic experience. Read spend less and travel more.

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