It is official: It is now the first of September and so far we are doing it with a big bang. Typically, in the Philippines the start of the “BER” months is considered a holiday season. Everyone is busy preparing for the best times of the year- Christmas Season. But no matter how busy you get right now, don’t forget to give yourself a break.

It’s Travel Nuts once again. I am excited to introduce a traveler who fairly believe that It’s really more fun in the Philippines. Kevin the Travel boy is silent at first but once you get to know him you will surely notice that he’s bubbly like bubbles. He is also humorous, opinionated sometimes and a joker on the other side. I have been lucky enough to join him in some of the wonderful trips this year. We first met during the event at the SM Mall of Asia’s fireworks display and learned some of his photography skills, AZALEA residences Baguio and Camarines Norte in which he was our host.

Kevin is currently out of the coutry but hopefully gets back soon. This person is SUPERLATIVE.That’s all I can say. He has such a humble personality. I am so proud to have him as a traveler friend. Get to know Kevin and read his blog at KevintheTravelboy.


*What  kind of traveler are you?

Im more on adventurous and sporty type of a traveler. I love trekking and exploring the natural wonders that God provides to us and I also love the physical activities that a destination offers like snorkeling, surfing, biking, kayak etc.

*What is it about travel you love?

Being a tourism student makes me understand how to promote, protect and manage different sectors in this industry but I don’t think thats the reason why I travel. Like what I’ve said on the first question, I travel to explore and at the same time to escape from pressure and stress.


*About his travel blog

My travel blog which is kevin the travel boy is a personal travel blog that features a collection of my travel stories and photographs, experiences and misadventures.

*Three Favorite Travel blogs

I often visit the blogs of Kuya dongHo, Christine Fernandez and Gael. They inspire and encourage me to write a blog. we have the same interest, we both love exploring nature(Mountain and beaches).

JovialWonderer.Com- Mountains, day hike itineraries and tips are the posts that I read on this blog.

The The girl who left everything to travel around the Philippines. I envy her because she has the courage to go to the place she wanted to. Unlike me, I have to seek approval and sometimes lie to my parents so that they will allow me to go out wherever i want to go to. (Dont be like me).

*On best thing about Blogging

The best thing about blogging is i can express my feelings, whether good or bad on the experience that i had. I had a chance to meet a lot of friends with the same passion and interest.

*The worst side of Blogging

The worst experience for me so far is that some of my close friends don’t understand why I waste my time and money to travel and blog.

travel NUTS

*Where he gets inspiration

I am inspired everytime someone thanking  me and complementing on my post even though I’m not good in writing. I’m happy that in my own way I can help others to grab ideas on the next destination that they will visit.

*Tips for aspiring Travel Bloggers

From my past experience, at first, blogging was very frustrating, I have a lot of crappy posts. But I continue to write post, because i want to share my experience, also to help give ideas on the travelers and to promote the place that I’ve been to.

Thanks Kevin for sharing your insight about life and your travel adventures. Get to know the previous Featured Travel Nuts.

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