I was talking to a friend of mine asking what the exact date today and she replied almost feeling nostalgic. It’s “C’s birthday today.

Suddenly, I smelled a bittersweet longing for things in the atmosphere. “C” was the one who broke my heart.

The truth is LOVE  can sometimes rip our hearts out, we throw it to the ground, then we would pick it up and dust it off and give it back to them. People came to our lives for various reasons. Sometimes people are meant to stay with you but they get out of our lives for good reasons. They stay for just a while at least making things all right, some could be painful, some could be harsh that destroys our well being. The worst thing could happen would be turning their backs and leaving our lives in a soul of emptiness.


In life we have often marveled  at how the NEXT love has proven to be so much better than the one before. And then the NEXT one after that was so much better than that last one.  And more often that not – will never gonna  change – maybe because we  learn at least something new from each of these experiences . So, when you’re ready to fall in love, (don’t rush  things) start looking forward – to the next possibility.


Realistically, some of our experiences were taken from our favorite movie. I bet if you were the director or writer you would want to give yourself the role of a little poor soul suffering from so much pain of love seeking revenge for what was taken from you while being tortured with lost fortune and despair. Diba ang saya lang. Kuhang kuha mo ang lead role.


LOOK MOTHER I’M FLYING: [Photo by Elal] Looks easy, but to get this shot just perfectly, you might need to redo it over and over again until the photographer gets tired, meaning you’ll be tired in no time. But I thought this was funny.

But wait, I feel that this is not the kind of story I intend to write today. So let’s leave the topics of pain, four seasons of loneliness, craziness and the art of writing a mini series of epic proportions instead we’ll focus on things that will make you happy at least just for reading this blog. I know that most number of people dream of embarking on a long epic journey. You’ll envy them like me. But trust me some of these stories will last a lifetime and will certainly remember and inspire you.

I have always been tagged in posts by friends and seldom approved unpleasant, funny and silly pictures of myself on my timeline but for today I am allowing myself to post it just for fun ( with hesitation ).


JUMPSHOTS FOR LIFE : Believe me I love jump shots. I think people from different walks of life regardless of age and gender love the feeling of jumping and soaring high above the air. I am surrounded by snappy and happy companions when I travel. It feels great to see your pictures next to a beautiful landmark into something really stupid and funny. I think I have learned the art of jumping shots already. In some cases, it takes quite a few clicks to be able to sync everyone’s jump and get a perfect shot. But it’s worth it.


GIANT & THE 14 DWARFSI stumbled upon this photo and I thank Kevin for tagging me on Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with this photo really but look at how tall Kevin is. It looks like the “Giant and the fourteen dwarfs” ang peg. [CALAGUAS]


IMMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY: Photo by Renz. For this photo, we tried to mock a famous personality in the blogosphere. Perhaps I find this cute and I personally know that it is a harmless attempt to imitate him. I guess it’s tastefully done. What do you think? [BALER]


DON’T BE STUPID: I strongly suggest to have a back up for your old photos and never store it in your memory card because in a blink of an eye it could be gone in 60 seconds. I was really stupid and had a huge meltdown when my old photos went blank. So as a STUPID ME, I went to my camera setting “Custom Functions” menu, adjust the iso setting basically messing around with the settings and accidentally pressed something. Next thing I know, All my photos are gone with the wind. [Sagada]


POUT & POSE: [Photo by Renz] Thanks to my mother for giving birth to me. I also thank my father for making that birth possible.  I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to live in this cruel world. Yes the world is cruel but we don’t have to be.  See? I have all the confidence in the world [thick face].


PTB BAGETS WACKY SHOTS: [Photo by Renz] Need I say more with our WACKY SHOT? We all love to smile and laugh and this is just another way to feed our cravings for laughter. Help me share this funny moments.*wink


MORE WACKY SHOT: We always remember the good things that happened in our adventures. And if you are up for fun, people will enjoy being around you more. A definition of FUN involves having a wacky, silly, funny and entertaining times with people.



Imagine those popping eyes and goofy looks. This is just an example of one of the images that are going to make you laugh later. They’re the pictures that will bring back the happiest moments of your life.


I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT: In case you had not thought about it, It’s still April Fools Month. [Sorry medyo off ang humor ko lately].



It is important to control and drink responsibly. Too much alcohol may lead to slight amnesia, commonly known as blackout drinking and can really be so dangerous.

Today, I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.


KEEP THE HEATINESS AWAY: Before I end this post, let me leave you with this interesting, funny and very stimulating poster taken during our Binondo Food Appreciation tour. These are just some of the funny photos that was not funny then. Looking at them right now gives me more reasons to smile big time.

Summer means  many different things to different people. No classes for students. We all like that aren’t we? For busy working people, file your vacation leaves. Take a break and have a life this summer.  And remember keep the heatiness away.

We all have our own story to tell. Sometimes our stories could be sad or funny or may surprise and amuse us. Recently, I convinced myself that  the most interesting people are out there who are lost and hiding somewhere, the person who read this blog or could be the person just sitting beside you. Madami silang lahat. Life is beautiful so living with a negative attitude only makes it worse. Always try to look at the good things in a positive perspective.

Ikaw sinong napasaya mo today?


For the funniest, silliest, dumbest travel moments, I have written this post as an entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of April 2013  hosted by Lakbay Diva.  Check the link for past blog carnivals by the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

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