Traveling is not impossible for Possibly Pinay

I am delighted to hear from Aileen of Possibly Pinay.

Why do you love to travel? 

I’ve thought about this and I don’t have a reason on why I travel. I just do. Traveling is a part of my humanity. It is what it is. 

What kind of traveler are you?Why? 

I’ve always been on the prissy side of traveling and I don’t do hiking/trekking/climbing mountains unless I had a gun to my head or a cover photo I need to shoot. But lately, I’ve embraced the budget travel concept to make the most out of traveling and to be able to bring the Happy Meal with me. 

Whats your top 3 Philippine destinations?

I’ve answered this before and it has to be: Intramuros (by way of Carlos Celdran), Corregidor and Boracay – I’m such a sucker for Boracay. 

3 reasons why I love the Philippines

I love it because it is home.
 I love it because there is sooo much to see in every one of our 7107 islands
And I love it because it has Boracay

Whats in your travel bag?

My travel bag would always have my monstrous toiletry kit. IT would have the usual girlie things and a lot of emergency stuff like meds, nail clippers, zip bags, duct tape. 

Tell us about your memorable trip?

I’ve been to Boracay 3x and the most recent one has to be one of the most memorable because it was spent just partying, drinking, with (close to) absolutely zero sleep. ( I really did mean it when I said I’m a sucker for Boracay) I was with a good friend who turns out to be an awesome travel buddy. It was spent on P500/night rooms and with P1300 dinners. It was so fun that we had to extend our stay for one more day, even if cost us our original return ticket. 

Last exciting roadtrip.

I hardly do roadtrips – I haven’t had the opportunity to be stuck in a car for more than a couple hours at a time. But if I have to say one, I’d say, it was our road trip from Davao to Samal and all around Samal. It was my first time to get on a habal-habal for more than half a day. Now, that’s a road trip, to traverse almost every inch of the island – including running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. 

What’s your pasalubong list?

magnets, 2 at least. one for me and 1 for our family “wall of fame” in the kitchen. We’ve imported all our magnets from our fridge into an entire wall from ceiling to floor. 
And then, a kid-sized shirt for the Happy Meal. That’s about it. 

Tell us about interesting people you met during your travel ( If applicable)

They are memorable. The last time I was in Boracay ( I TOLD you I am a sucker for this), I met a slew of international people from almost every continent on the planet. There’s touring with a group of Americans in China. There’s  meeting drivers, shop owners and just regular bystanders- all of them make the trip special

In your own little way,How do you promote the Philippines to everyone.

I tell them to not miss out on Manila – that they have to do the Intramuros tour by way of Carlos Celdran. AND that, no matter what they do, before they head off to Palawan, Boracay, Bohol or any other part of the country, that they HAVE To go to Corregidor, if only AT LEAST a day tour. Corregidor for me, is very special and it  will stand to be significant to a lot of poeple in a lot of nations just because of what it has gone through. 

I tell them that Manila isn’t that bad. And the shopping totally makes up for all of the bad rep we’ve been getting. And the beaches  – party beaches, secluded beaches — every kind of beach, we’ve got it. 

Travel advice you want to share to everyone

Get lost. It’s the only way you can really have fun. 
(Unless you’re on your way to the airport or the pier)

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