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A few months back, I got the chance to visit Los Banos, Laguna. According to locals  it started all out as a small bay , Laguna called “Mainit” or hot in english. And because the area’s are hot springs heated by the Mount Makiling . It was then renamed ” los banos” because of these springs . Interesting..

I was told that these hotsprings have healing powers which probably may have  contributed to the legend of Maria Makiling…

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One thing I love about the place is that recently. People come up with the decision to ban plastic bags which is really excellent. Plastic bags can no longer be found here. Even large fast food chains do not use plastics anymore . Now that’s cool … I wish the same ordinance will soon be applied here in Metro Manila. So if ever you visit ELBI, bring your own shopping bags.

History said UPLB was established  on March 6, 1909. ( It’s my date of birth by the way) . However classes started in June 1909. During the  Japanese war, UPLB  was closed and converted as a camp  for allied nationals  and headquarters of the japanese army . And for three years, the college was a home to several civilians , mostly americans that were captured by the Japanese troops.

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In November 1972, it was established as  the first autonomous campus. New colleges  and research centers were created .

The University is home to hundreds of organizations .From stage plays ( which I really like), musical concerts and performances, camps, outreach programs and other activities.

Things to do:

Tanghalang Maria makiling – its an auditoriun with a seating capacity of 1800. Located  on the plateau of the National Arts Center. It’s cool you will see the great views of crocodile lake, towns of Laguna, Mount Banahaw and a lot more.

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You love picnics? Go to the mountain sides of Mount Makiling . Enjoy the Olympic size swimming pool with giant trees all over the place. I will definitely go back here. Weekdays would be the best since weekends are jampacked with kids with their families.

Who would forget the picture perfect  Fertility tree. It’s located at the end of the oval field of the campus .I was told, it’s a place for student couples. The tree has a fertility powers according to locals .. This is really interesting…

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Explore the forest . I have never seen those giant trees ever in my whole life. It was a great experience to see trees all over the place and we all know it’s standing there for ages already..

You can also visit the Makiling Botanic  Gardens,  The Magnetic Hill , The ELBI square is the best place for night life, here you can find various establishments from coffee shops, restaurants, food shops and more….