Visit Catanduanes: Ilihan Rock and unexplored Padre Falls in Bagamanoc, Catanduanes

Bagamanoc is a fifth class municipality in the province of Catanduanes, Philippines.

The municipality of Bagamanoc is located at the northeastern part of the province of Catanduanes directly facing the vast Pacific Ocean. Its total land is 80.74 square kilometres (31.17 sq mi), and is about 62 kilometres (39 mi) north from the capital town of Virac. Its location is somewhat disadvantageous in its quest for development because of its distance form the capital town and most in particular it is open to the sea, whereby typhoon surge often wrought havoc to the shorelines particularly to the built-up areas during typhoons.

History known it as Bagatabao, but more island of the swamp, Bagamanocnons now called Taraga, there was already a chicken raising settlement place on the inhospitable plateau of Panay Island (Catanduanes).

The settlement was bounded on the east and north by the sea, blocked by a swamp and a hostile hill on the south and pressed by the crocodile-infested mouth of what is now known as the Bagamanoc River on the west. Restricted to a limited territory by natural forces, the settlement could hardly feed and shelter itself. Moreover, frequent raids by corsairs from Mindanao, Jolo or Borneo for slaves posed a serious problem to their existence.

One day, a curious and adventurous young man from the tribe compelled to cross the mouth of the river to look for rattan needed for the repair of his future bride’s family house. Going westward by the shoreline, he turned left for the business of venture but before he cut an uphill distance, he noticed what appeared to be a chicken flying along just above the tallest leaves of pandan shrubs festooning the sea. Back in his tribe, he told the clan on what he saw of the beauty of the place, its abundance with food and building materials and the defense is offered from the pirate’s raid. But as the place has no name to say when referring to that “discovered land” every time anybody talk of the place, they would call it “BAGAMANOC” which means the place was like a “chicken” the very meaning of Bagamanoc.

Choose Philippines gives us a glimpse of Ilihan Rock and unexplored Padre Falls in Bagamanoc, Catanduanes

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