Want To Have More Fun in 2015? Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines As Your Next Big Destination

For 2015, The Department of Tourism, DOT is expecting at least seven million foreign tourist arrivals. The numbers may be small compared to our neighboring Asian countries but local tourism is, in fact, at an all-time high. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said that in 2013, “44 million travelers crossed domestic borders…We are now travel crazy as a country.”

Not convinced? Check out the Top 15 reasons why you should make The Philippines as your next big destination for 2015! Check this list out and we bet you’ll agree with why 2015 is Visit the Philippines Year! Share this and we encourage you to have more fun in 2015!


We show the world how any activity you want to do is definitely going to be more fun if you’re in the Philippines. Share this video with your friends and log on to visitph2015.com to make 2015 the most fun year ever.

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