WATCH: Palaui Island In Cagayan Is Incredible And You Should Go There Now

Where is Palaui? Depending on how hard you try, you might be able to find a more romantic experience in a bit farther North of the Philippines and there is no doubt that Palaui in Cagayan is just as stunning as you could ever imagine!

It’s not really difficult to choose the best beaches in The Philippines. What’s the best beach for kids? What’s the best beach for swimming? What’s the best beach for partying? Name it, Philippine beaches are up for grabs. You have so many destinations to choose from


Here’s the magical island that make up Cagayan in the Northern Philippines. Palaui may not be your “Romantic Island,” but trust me when I say you’ll appreciate Palaui Island in its purest form; isolated beaches, and quiet atmosphere.

Not convinced? Check out this video of Megarroo and barkada during their trip to Palaui.


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