WATCH: Would You Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food?

What comes to your mind when we talk about Filipino food? Obviously for some the first thing that comes to their mind is probably the typical barbecue, rice cakes but realistically we forget the more interesting parts of Filipino dish, the kind of food we probably savor more often than the usual Filipino recipes.


We’re actually talking about some of the most adventurous food you can only find on the streets, the exotic treats and the unusual regional delicacies.

Now if you’re up for a challenge and experience something different, head to the streets and challenge your palate with some of the most bizarre Filipino dishes.

From an infamous underground market, it has gained acceptance in mainstream cuisine and even become a considerable tourist attraction. Here are some dishes definitely worth a try.


Check out the video of people from the US who challenged themselves to experience the best of Pinoy street food.

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