Let’s put it this way, cliff diving would probably be the least complicated extreme water sport I could think of . I mean you would not have to buy an equipment to do this and there is no special costume to wear. It’s just you, your body that needs to sail through the wind and in the air from the towering to dizzying heights and plunging to floating into the water below. Imagine yourself from a ten story-building jumping out of the window. That’s tough!

Feel your heart beats faster. Then suddenly jump and confidently try to backflip. I told myself to dive some other time as I had no signs of courage to do so. I would rather watch these divers than to try this risky sport. But I seriously look up to these people because they engage themselves into an ultra sport which I don’t have any plans of doing in the future.

I just want to hold or catch my breath as these divers take off from the panoramic rocks of platforms.

Today, cliff divers travel around the globe just to find the next great thing.  The amazing thrill, the remarkable experience and the ultimate leap. For Filipinos, you don’t need to travel outside of the country.

We have some of the most popular cliffs in the Philippines. The exotic locations in Malapascua, the province of Cebu is just one of the great cliff diving sites we should be proud of. There is also one in Camotes Island at Boho Rock.


Juanderfulpinoy on Silkwinds magazine, Silkair inflight publication. Malapascua Cliffjumping. The photo was taken last December 2011 and appeared on a cliff diving feature in Asia for the month of November and December. Thanks to a wonderful friend, Andrew Mamangun who did not hesitate to dive off a cliff in Malapascua, Cebu.

I strongly recommend not to cliff dive if you don’t have a  proper training. Start diving in pools first and slowly increase the height of your dive. Controlling your mind and body is very important when you cliff dive. Make sure you check the cliff dive sites carefully prior to diving. Please also consider the wave action, the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, the rocks and other hindrances on the side of the cliff and underwater. Check with the local guide is highly encouraged.

If you are looking for adrenaline rush experiences, then try the Malapascua cliff diving. To add a high level of fulfillment do it with a partner or with someone else. Are you into cliffdiving? Then what kind of cliff diver are you?

Cliff diving may seem so easy but still a dangerous sport. Yes cliff diving is a very dangerous sport. It takes years for the others to know how to manuever their body into the correct position in the air to avoid injury. Another friend of mine backed out not because she does not have the courage or self confidence but she wanted to take cliff diving into some serious consideration.

Now if you think cliff diving is your game. You also have to make some serious consideration too. Train very hard, seek and talk to an expert so they can route you in the right direction.

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