Time flies indeed. Can you imagine it’s now October. I can still remember the very first time I wrote about something that will eventually inspire me to find the things I wanted. I was looking at my previous blogs and found out I have written and published 388 articles including this. I never thought I would embark myself in a journey where I could find the courage to know myself and what I really want in life. I have done enough with my contemplations and realizations. Well I thought then, I was fooling myself.  Honestly, I have no interest in writing at all until I met a couple of friends who made a huge impact on what and who I am today. I think their influence on me was kind of subtle at the very beginning but never realized it would create a close friendships with other wanderers at heart.

For me, this is a great experience. For someone who did not have any background, training or exposure in writing is completely an amazing thing for me. My gratitude to all my constant followers and readers which I never thought I would ever have. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to browse through my blogs. I still can’t believe I am writing again thus I have no other excuses. It’s time to feature this month’s Travel Nuts once again.


We first met last January with other Travel bloggers. We bumped into each other and we became good friends and travel buddies too. We have been together in some places. I can still vividly remember  how we climbed up the boulders of Capones and enduring the heat of sun in the mountain of Pundaquit and enjoying the summer sunshine at the Burot Beach. Like I said from my previous blogs, when you travel eventually you will definitely meet the people you really like and sharing the same interests or maybe not too much but most likely you will have an instant connection as if you have known each other in another lifetime. So I don’t want to take so much of your time I feature this month’s “Travel Nuts for the month of October”, Joana Liwag, the author of The Backpack Chronicles.  Get to know about her insight on traveling and some additional information about her adventures and misadventures in life.


Q – What kind of traveler are you?
A – I’m more of a laid-back type of a traveler. I usually spend a few days on the beach whenever possible – basking in the heat of the sun, listening to the calming melody of the waves and just relaxing.

Q – What Is It About Travel People Love?
A – I believe that there are several reasons why people love to travel. Some wants to escape the toxicity brought about by their jobs; Others wanted to fulfill their life-long dreams of traveling around the world and there are those who wanted to find pieces of their broken selves.

Personally, I love to travel because I love experiencing the excitement and the rush of being in a new place. Traveling also gave me a new way of looking into things, giving me a wider perspective about the places I visit; the beauty of the people, the richness of the culture, etc.

Q – Tell me something about your travel blog?
A – I started out my blog, The Backpack Chronicles, with a purpose of documenting my trips. I have a terrible memory that’s why I needed something to remind me of my previous travels and the details on it.

Eventually it evolve into what it is now, a repository of my adventures and misadventures, in and out of the Philippines, spiced up by Travel guides and travel tips for those wishing to go to these places as well.

Q – Where is your next destination?
A – I will be going to Ifugao in November with other travel bloggers for the GIVE Ifugao Project. After that, I will be in Bohol with my sister to celebrate both of our birthdays. Super excited na ko!!!

Q – Do you have a favorite travel destination?
A – El Nido tops my favorite travel destination in the Philippines for the mere fact that it is so mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Super ganda! The beaches, the islands, the people. Everything was just breathtaking.

Q – Three favorite travel blogs you visit?
A – My 3 favorite travel blogs would be The Pinay Solo Backpacker, The Pinay Travel Junkie and The Nomadic Pinoy.

Q – What is the best thing about blogging?
A – The best thing about blogging is finding new friends with the same travel passion. It also opens up to new opportunities such as being invited to events, or being sponsored. It’s also nice when people appreciate your posts and find them particularly useful.

Q – The worst thing about blogging?
A – Blogging takes a lot of free time that can otherwise be use to do other things. One in a while, you also had to battle it out with the monster that is called Writer’s Block.

Q – Where do you get your inspiration for your blog?
A – I get inspiration whenever I travel to a new place. Whenever I did, I always have this feeling of needing to share the details to other people, through my blog, to inspire them to travel as well. Reading my favorite travel blogs also keep me pretty much inspired.

Q – Tips you can share for aspiring travel bloggers
A – Be true to yourself and follow where your heart leads you. You don’t have to be a great writer to start a travel blog, you just have to tell your stories straight form the heart. Everything else will definitely follow.

Thanks Joana for sharing your travel adventures and misadventures to inspire everyone else to travel as well. I personally thank you for promoting the beauty of our country. The stunning beaches, natural heritage, unique culture, warm and friendly people. It’s indeed more fun in the Philippines.

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