Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley Region

It was like a paradise. Long stretches of long white sandy beaches, century old Cape Engano light house and an absolute gentle breeze blowing through the trees, and the meadows filled with native grasses. It is surrounded with growing bushes and shrubs which brings natural environment to life.


Unspoiled paradise up North. Uncompromising experience of real adventure. Palaui Island together with the century old Cape Engano boasts a birds eye view similar to the rolling landscapes of the Batanes Islands. With its rugged terrain, formidable looking fairways and panoramic ocean views, this is one of the adventure experiences that you are unlikely to forget in an instant.


The emotions of the sea that is gently lapping at your feet and kisses the sand. There is no doubt Palaui has long been famous for their exclusive isolation and simple beauty in the Northern Luzon. All perfect components to make your summer holiday unforgettable. And for your weekend getaway, you are already in a perfect place. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Palaui island. Wether you enjoy swimming with the fishes in the reefs around the island or singing in the sound of music of nature in a secluded island, your greatest adventure is guaranteed.


Palaui Island was declared as a National Marine Reserve in August 28, 1994 surrounded by a vast area of 7,145 hectares boasting approximately 21 commercial species of fishes with about 50 hectares of undisturbed corals. What is more amazing about this remote island is the biological diversity of wild life. Palaui Island is blessed with an amazing variety of flora and fauna. It varies from various species of flowers, plants and insects.


There is a trail and a 229-step concrete stairway from the cove leads the travelers to the lighthouse. Our primary goal was to trek from Punta Verde, which is the southeast tip of Palaui to Cape Engaño and that takes approximately 4 hours of hike through majestic views of the rolling mountains, cove and the open sea. The historic Cape Engaño Lighthouse is located on the Palaui Island in the town of Santa Ana, in the province of Cagayan, in the Philippines.


This is what you’ll see from the north tip of Luzon.

From the summit of a hill in the northeasternmost point that forms the cape lies the historic light house of Cape Engaño facing the Pacific to the extreme northeast point of Luzon, and the channel between the Babuyanes Islands and the mainland. It is the easternmost of the lights on the north coast of Luzon. Cape Engano lighthouse was first lit on December 30, 1892. The original light was equipped with a first-order light.

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