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Which Vaccines Are Recommended for Visitors to the Philippines?

Although politically stable, much of Southeast Asia poses a threat to visitors in the form of unfamiliar diseases. The Philippines is no exception but fortunately, the right vaccinations will protect any traveler against the worst diseases. If you are planning to visit this beautiful, dream-like, island destination, then stay safe with the right preventative care.


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Remaining safe while traveling requires a few steps. Firstly, research the area and determine if it is safe to visit based on crime rates and system of government. If you still wish to visit, then acquire proper medical insurance and research the potential risks to your physical health. Below you will find the main vaccines you should receive when visiting the Philippines.

Hepatitis, Typhoid, and Cholera

Firstly, consider diseases transmitted by food or body fluids, since these are the easiest to catch. Hepatitis A and B vaccines are recommended by the CDC for travelers heading to the Philippines. Bear in mind, the immunization will take 2-4 weeks to take effect, so get them well before you plan to visit the Philippines. Furthermore, Typhoid and Cholera can be caught from dirty food or water, so immunization against these is essential. You can then enjoy bottled water and local food without fear.

Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis

Next, consider diseases which are spread by mosquitoes. The most common ones are Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis. If you have traveled from a country with a high risk of Yellow Fever, then the vaccine for that disease is required. A vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis is not required, but strongly recommended.


The prevalence of rabies has decreased substantially in recent decades, in great part because of the availability of effective immunizations. It is spread through the saliva of infected mammals, who will usually get the disease into your blood by biting you. The Philippines is considered a high risk region for rabies. If you are traveling long-term or expect to be working with animals, then a vaccine against rabies is essential to guarantee a pleasant vacation.

The Philippines is a safe and ideal tourist destination, but its climate and location means that there is a higher risk of certain diseases. In order to stay safe during your travels, aim to protect yourself against Hepatitis, Typhoid, Cholera, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies. This may seem like a lot, but each vaccine takes just a few minutes to receive and lasts for many years, which means that you can travel the world in safety and make the most from exploring exotic and exciting locations.

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