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Why You Should Travel To New Zealand With A Small Group

Why You Should Travel To New Zealand With A Small Group

New Zealand is a picture perfect nature destination that is full of adventure. The opportunities are endless for hiking, camping, and sightseeing. Although travelling individually or with a buddy is good, New Zealand is best to travel in a small group.


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There are a few reasons why a small group is better, but one of the major benefits is cost. It’s no secret that traveling in New Zealand can be quite expensive. When you have a small group, you can save money on transportation. New Zealand sights are quite spread out across the country and the best way to access those areas is by car. With a small group to split the cost of a car rental and fuel, your cost per person per day will be severely decreased. Plus, you can all take turns driving on those long distance road trip days!

The next positive is that it makes accommodation cheaper as well. If you have two plus people, it can actually cheaper per person to stay in hotels or room shares than it is to stay in hostels. In addition, food is a major expense when traveling. If you have a small group, you can grocery shop and cook meals together with minimal waste.

Safety is also a consideration if you are planning on doing a lot of independent hiking or tramping in the New Zealand wilderness. The age old saying of “there is safety in numbers” is true when you’re out in the wild. Not to mention that the more people there are, the better you can distribute the equipment weight!

If you still need more reasons why traveling in a small group is better, think of the experiences you’ll share. With a small group, you can have excursions all to yourself and friends. New Zealand is thought of as one of the top adventure countries in the world, and many of the companies keep their excursions to small groups. This means that you can pretty much have your own private adventures! No longer will you need to be stuck with the annoying group members — it’s just you and your friends and family.

Having the independence to do what you and your group want to do is a luxury that you can’t always get in a larger group tour. Often the schedules are rigid and they may go to places that you are not interested in, or miss spots that you would love to go. If you’re not up to doing all the planning of independent travel, but don’t want to hop on a large bus tour, you can choose to go on a small group tour. New Zealand small group tours offer pre-made packages or custom tours that would perfect for families or small groups.

New Zealand is the perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers across the globe. Start planning your trip today and start getting ready to your kiwi experience!

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