Young leader embraces people with disabilities

People with disabilities often struggle to find work due to false perceptions. A young leader is changing the way companies view people with disabilities.

This pandemic is testing not only how resilient we are, but how resilient we really need to be. As what they say, if you can make it during this global health crisis, you can make it anytime and anywhere. Not all business leaders are just into business these days, the real leaders exert efforts to help out the indigent communities and unknowingly shine more for their unconditional good deeds.

Avin Ong

“Giving back to the community will always be a priority for us and I’m proud of that. Poverty is a serious challenge in the Philippines and it frustrates me. I want to be someone who will change lives by helping them,” – Avin Ong

Fredley Group of Companies is making sure that in spite of the challenges, the company’s social responsibility initiatives are fiercely important and making sure that’s well implemented. Filipinos with disabilities are hired by the company and the Employee Rewards Program subsidizes expenses and tuition fees for its employees’ children. Fredley Foundation provides educational scholarships and, ultimately, roles and a career path within the group to the less fortunate.

Avin Ong is the Chairman and CEO of Fredley Group of Companies. He is just 29 and an accomplished entrepreneur, with double MBAs, degree with honours from the De La Salle University and has a global experience from Deutsche Bank who isn’t afraid of taking risks. He started working at a very young age of seven. His childhood life was not characterized by riches as he started selling fruit shakes at the wet market.

Today, his company employs more than a thousand workers. Ong owns Macao Imperial Tea, the largest milk-tea chain in the Philippines with 210 branches and restaurants which include Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, New York Fries & Dips and Liang Crispy Rolls.

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